About Our Customer

Huntington Super Pawn in Huntington Beach, CA is one of Orange County’s largest pawnshops in the area. Serving the community for over 20 years, store owner Randy Wooten provides the best deals around.

Choosing Bravo

Randy Wooten of Huntington Super Pawn was using his previous pawn software for over 25 years, admitting, “it was very antiquated.” Then, when one of his friends switched to Bravo and was very impressed, he decided “it’s time to make a change.” With outdated software causing many problems, Randy was happy to find us.

“Bravo solved all those problems, all those issues, with what it does.”

Favorite Bravo Features

Randy lists Bravo’s home screen, the Dashboard as one of his favorite features.

“During the day, I can access everything I want from the home screen.”

With Bravo he can access common websites like eBay and FedEx, as well as keep track of the most important tasks. Another favorite feature is Bravo’s Employee Performance and Company Performance reports, which let him track his business and his workers throughout the month. Randy’s last favorite feature is Bravo’s Estimator, which informs his employees about the value of jewelry and merchandise, establishing a consistent guideline for how much should be loaned on each item that comes into his store.

Improving Business With Bravo

Randy explains Bravo has really made his job easier with MobilePawn.

"MobilePawn has cut down on calls probably about 25%-30% because my customers can look up what they owe and when they owe it. Customers really enjoy MobilePawn. Using the app, customers can pay their loans and layaways, without the inconvenience of leaving home, driving down to the store and standing in line. MobilePawn is the way of the future.”

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