Bravo's tech stack

The Bravo Tech Stack

Best-in-breed technology powering the industry's most powerful platform.

Modern Tech To Meet New Demands

At the end of the day, the technology you use needs to do one thing: work the way you need it to. That’s why we’ve built Bravo on a sophisticated technology stack and employ some of the brightest engineers and developers to create our software and integrations without compromise.

microsoft azure

State-of-the Art Security & Privacy

How old is the hardware that's storing your prized data? Do you have off-site backups in case of a catastrophic loss? When’s the last time you did Windows security updates? Are you running your business on an out-of-date, unsecured operating system?

With Bravo, you don't have to worry about any of this. Our servers aren't tied to your physical location so you can monitor store performance when you’re away from the shop. And you don't need to pay for and manage your own on premises servers. With Bravo you benefit from Microsoft's incredible security and privacy features, so you can have peace of mind that all your data is safe, backed up and accessible all the time.

microsoft sql

Scalable, Fast & Redundant

How long would you be down if your server failed?

Microsoft SQL ensures Bravo is always performing at optimal levels. MS SQL allows the Bravo platform to scale without sacrificing performance, so customers never experience delays or downtime when using the platform. We also use server clusters – two servers simultaneously kept up to date. If one fails, the other takes over immediately.  Log backups are done every 20 minutes and full backups done daily.

With Bravo, you never have to worry about costly downtime or losing valuable data.


Seamless Upgrades

Bravo is developed with the Microsoft ASP.NET framework, allowing for a powerful, dynamic way to run software applications. Because Bravo is a small program, about the size of a mobile app, it can be installed in a couple of minutes.

If a computer in your shop dies, Bravo can be up and running on a replacement in minutes.  

microsoft clickonce

Seamless Upgrades

With your current software, how long would it take to update your store server to the latest software version then deploy software to each computer in the shop?

With Bravo it takes about 60 seconds and you’re always up to date. MS ClickOnce enables Bravo developers to deploy enhancements often and seamlessly, so our customers have what they need to run their businesses better.

Bravo applications are updated automatically. Customers never need to download updates and install them manually.

bravo's 100% uptime

Proven Stability

Bravo is built on the industry's most sophisticated tech stack, resulting in a platform that is scalable, secure and stable. Bravo has an uptime of 99.99%, so you never need to worry about downtime or costly on-premise server crashes that halt your operations.

bravo's adaptable architecture

Adapt Quickly

Bravo's flexible architecture and out of the box framework enables the platform to be configured quickly, without the use of your own developers and without waiting weeks or months to implement changes. Adapt as quickly as the market demands.

Relevant Tech. Exceptional Results.

Experience configurable, future-proof technology built to help you work better, while supporting your unique way of doing business.

bravo's point of sale on a desktop

enabling agility

Prepare For Change

Preparing for change and what might come next has never been easier. Business is changing rapidly and having the flexibility to create new experiences, adapt to new technologies and pivot quickly are non-negotiable.

Bravo architecture makes rapid change possible, so you have the flexibility and freedom to prepare for whatever comes next in your industry.

Scale Quickly

Enter new markets and open new stores in a matter of days. Add new mobile and eComm channels in a matter minutes, without the headache of manual or duplicative admin work.

Integrate Seamlessly

Bravo POS includes native and third-party integrations with mobile apps and eCommerce sites, accounting tools, payment processors and more to ensure data is transferred securely between systems and centralized for easy retrieval.

improving experience

Meet Higher Expectations

Traditional loaning and buying experiences don’t come close to what modern consumers expect.

Bravo empowers your team to create experiences for your customers that exceed their expectations and drive loyalty.

Elevate Your Customer Service

Bravo's omni-channel functionality enables you to provide customers with an exceptional, memorable experience across all your locations and your channels including in-store, online and mobile.

Provide Convenience Customers Want

Modern consumers choose to work with companies who are easy to do business with. Bravo equips you with the tools you need to meet customers where they're at . . . anywhere, anytime, and from the convenience of their home.

bravo's products shown on desktop, tablet and mobile

"Powerful software built on current technology that's being constantly updated. It's wonderful to see a monthly log with new features added. It's nice to see a company looking to the future. The app and online store functions embrace new customer trends. There are tons of cool quality of life features."

Martin S.
Owner at Premier Jewellery and Loans

"Bravo Pawn Software has been the most revolutionary change I have yet to see. Bravo's system is exactly what we needed to operate more efficiently. The usability of Bravo for my staff is great, along with the integrations made with e-comm, credit card readers, and MobilePawn. The updates they create keep us relevant in a world that is constantly changing."

Lauren G.
Owner at EZ Pawn Corp.

" Never 1 outage or downtime. Bravo support is always quick to reply with a solution when in need. If we didn't have Bravo Systems, my life would be a nightmare trying to manage our fast growing company. Bravo has worked with us on scaling our company, and has been there in times of need."

Sam R.
Owner at Sam's Locker
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