The Safest Way to Sell Firearms

As both salespeople and consumers, we understand the right and responsibility of owning firearms. With E4473, we aim to create a safer way to buy and sell guns.

Stop Wasting Time & Money

If you're using manual (or partially manual) processes to complete 4473 forms, you're wasting time and money on admin tasks that don't generate revenue. E4473 offers an end-to-end digital solution that allows forms to be completed in a matter of minutes, with no manual or duplicate entry.

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Stay 100% ATF Compliant

The 2020 4473 form is highly complex with 72 variable scenarios, making it nearly impossible to avoid ATF violations if you're relying on manual processes or solutions that don't guarantee compliance. Protect yourself from risk with E4473 ATF-compliant solution.​​

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Rest Assured With BulletProof Security

The amount of sensitive customer data that is accessible or exposed on paper records and storage is staggering and leaves you exposed to privacy and security liabilities. Get rid of the unnecessary liability risks with E4473 5-tier digital security protocols.

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Stop Painful ATF Audits

Audit processes are stressful by nature and they can go from bad to worse quickly. Audits can last for weeks and hurt your business when customers are turned off by the presence ATF agents in the store. E4473 enables faster audits with easy and organized information retrieval and increased legibility of forms.

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Cut down on lines and wait times

Current 4473 processes and solutions provide a subpar customer experience at best.​ It's something customers put up with because they have to, but it's not really what they want

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Make Decisions With Confidence

It is unrealistic to expect employees to execute the 4473 process and form with the precision of a professional auditor if you're relying on manual processes. With E4473 you empower employees to work more quickly, with more confidence and more accuracy. E4473 is compliant with ATF regulations, and each section of our smart application offers questions displayed with definitions and exceptions.

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customer Testimonials

1500 Customers
Around The World

What our customers say about us is far more important than what we say about ourselves. Check out the stories and learn about the successes of customers using E4473.

Customer Stories
Mark H.
Owner at CASA Pawn
“WOW! E4473 is easy, fast, and accurate! A huge time saver for our team and the customers love it! They are using their cellphones to login and complete the form in minutes.”
Dave M.
CEO at Liberty Pawn & Gold
"Our customers really like E4473. Super easy to fill out while walking around shopping. And if they love it, we love it."
Matt M.
Assistant Mgr at Pelican Pawn & Jewelry
“Bravo has taken it 10 steps further with E4473, adding next-level feel to the customer experience, limiting employee errors, and reducing somewhat our mounds of government paperwork.”
Toby B.
Owner at Toby's Pawn
"E4473 has allowed us to spend more time selling firearms and less time worrying about missing entries on paper forms. Any firearms dealer who wants to keep up with current technology and hedge against ATF audits should consider making the transition. Paper forms are so 20th century."

Out-of-Box E4473 Features

We have combined gun laws and regulations with emerging technology to develop an application that streamlines the 4473 process while correcting errors for both businesses and firearm purchasers. Check out E4473 top built-in features.

100% ATF Compliant

We play ball by the book. Our legal team stays ahead of the curve so you can sell firearms worry-free. We ensure that E4473 is always compliant with ATF regulations.

NICS Submissions

Easy entry NICS submissions takes the work out of writing your background check forms. All included out of the box with E4473.

Native Integration with Bravo Point of Sale

Eliminate duplicate entry, manual work and human error with the full integration between E4473 and Bravo POS.

Mobile & Kiosk Accessible

Offer your customers options. E4473 offers the flexibility to complete forms on their phone or on any in-store device.

Second Signature

Customers can easily recertify and resign their E4473, ensuring that the date of the signature matches the date the firearm was transferred, while providing a hassle-free customer experience.

Digital Storage

 Eliminate 1000’s of unsecured paper documents with secure online storage of 4473 forms and sensitive data. Provides easy and organized information retrieval for ATF audits.

Employee Guidance

Built-in definitions and exceptions for every question on the E4473, plus 24/7 online video training, FAQs and support information.

Employee Signature

Employees create and save an electronic signature in the Bravo Point of Sale.  Their saved signature will automatically appear in the required fields of the E4473.

Bypass Option

Provide customers the 4473 experience they prefer. With E4473 Bypass you can print the 4473 form for customers who prefer to manually complete and sign.  

Additional Firearms Solutions

To enhance the experience for your employees and customers, we offer additional  products beyond our core firearms solutions.

Digital 4473 Storage

E4473 Cloud Storage

Eliminate 1000’s of unsecured paper documents when you store all of your 4473 forms electronically in Bravo's E4473 Cloud Storage. 4473 forms and other required documents are organized in one place for easy, fast retrieval of 4473 forms for traces & audits.

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Firearms Marketplace

Used Guns is an online marketplace where firearms dealers can list and sell new and used firearms and accessories. Used Guns integrates natively with the Bravo Point of Sale, so you can list inventory online in a matter of seconds, including product images and descriptions. And, all final value fees for firearm transactions are waived.

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Browse through a sampling of our support tutorials to learn more about our E4473 solution, how it integrates with the Bravo Point of Sale, and to see some of our most valuable features in action.