Put your store in your customer's pocket with the Buya app
Buya mobile app

A Mobile App for Retail Customers

Bravo's Buya Mobile App makes it easy for customers to make layaway payments, chat with employees, & shop your online inventory.

The App That Pays For Itself

Customers who use Bravo's Mobile Apps have higher layaway balances, in-store traffic and sales. Equip your employees with the right tools to serve your customers better, while improving your bottom line.

increase sales with an easy to shop mobile app for customers

The ultimate selling channel

Increase Sales

Buya App makes your inventory accessible 24/7 to local and national consumers. Make it easy for consumers to purchase items from your stores and give them a reason to visit you in-person by showing off everything you have to offer.

Turn Inventory Faster

Customers can browse your inventory every day of the year and make purchases directly through the app. Consumers can also add items to a Wish List, making it easy for them to keep track of their favorite items and purchase on a later date.

Increase In-Store Traffic

Customers who use Bravo's Mobile Apps see an increase in in-store traffic and sales by simply sending push notifications to customers and prospects with special in-store offers and coupons.

deliver convenience

Elevate Your Customer Service

Increase loyalty with a mobile app that makes it easy for customers to work with you on their terms.

Differentiate From Competitors

Consumers of specialty retailers have long been underserved as it relates to having access to relevant technology. You can change all that by offering Buya Mobile App, a convenient way for consumers to do business with you.

Provide Mobile Access To Your Business

Allow customers to chat, view account information, make payments and shop at anytime from anywhere and meet the growing consumer demand for convenience and remote accessibility.

Put your store in your customer's pocket with the Buya app

Built-In Buya App Features

Buya App offers a deep feature set and rich functionality unlike any other mobile app in the industry so you can provide the convenience and experience modern consumers expect.

Two-Way Chat

Deliver exceptional customer experience and improve productivity by enabling operators and customers to interact anywhere, anytime through mobile apps.

Push Notifications

Increase your layaway pickup rate by sending automated reminders and notifications to customers.

Fast Cash

Enable customers ability to initiate buys from their home, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to make a sale.

Integrated Payments & Debit Only Option

Process credit and debit card payments at the lowest rates in the industry with FortisPay, our preferred payment processor.

Remote Payments

Increase cash flow by making it easy for customers to make layaway payments directly through the app—anytime, anywhere.

Wish List

Make it easy for customers to keep track of their favorite items so they can purchase at their convenience when the time is right.

Special Offers

Drive new and returning customers into your store with instant promotions like exclusive deals and flash sales.

Browsing & Shopping

Boost in-store traffic and sales by giving customers 24/7 access to view and purchase your inventory from anywhere.

Quick Views

Customers can conveniently view their outstanding layaways and payment order history, helping to decrease in-store call volume for administrative-related questions.

Sound Good? We Think So Too.

Your new, better way of working starts today.

Put your store in your customer's pocket with the Buya app
Easy to use

How It Works

Step 1

Customer Downloads Buya App

Available for free download in the Apple and Android app stores.

Step 2

Customer Activates & Logs In

Customer quickly creates an a personal account.

Step 3

Customer Starts Using Buya App

Customers can make payments and start interacting with your brand immediately.