Reporting That Helps You Work Smarter

Bravo helps you understand your business better so you can positively influence your sales, customer service, profitability, and more.

Data That is Finally Actionable

Bravo Reporting Pro and Dashboard Reports examine your key metrics, customer experience, and staff productivity to suggest real business optimizations.


Better Business Decisions

Your data is your most powerful ally. Turn your point of sale information into meaningful, actionable insights that will guide your business.

Powerful Data Warehouse

Best-in-class technology empowers you with current and historical relational data from disparate sources.

Architecturally Done The Right Way

Bravo's deep and well-structured schema creates an environment for decision making, support, analytics, and business intelligence.

Better For You

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business by tracking key performance indicators.

Better For Your Team

Give associates the ability to track performance, be competitive, and have visibility into bonuses or commissions.

Better For Customers

Systematically reward your best customers by understanding their spending and shopping habits.

70+ Out-Of-Box Reports

We have worked with the best consultants and operators in the industry to provide data that you can make actionable.

Historical Analysis

Compare days, months, or years to give you actionable insights on what is working and what is not.

Automated Emails

Select which reports you'd like emailed to you so that on days when you're busy, you can still review what is most important.

Powerful Data Visualization

How you view your data matters, and when displayed intuitively you'll be able to see accomplishments and challenges quickly.

Understand Your Customer

Deep dive into customer behavior, spending habits, and demographics to help reward your best and focus on areas of weakness.

Remote Access

View your reports from anywhere, anytime, on any device including browser and the ShopKeeper mobile application.

"Ad-hoc reporting is a game changer. Build any report you can think of and data is populated in a workable format."

Mathew S.
Owner at Gateway Jewelry & Pawn

"The one thing that seem to resonate the most with operators I talk to is the transparency Bravo provides through ad hoc and other reporting functionality. It's difficult to make quality business decisions when you don't have all the facts. Bravo provides that insight."

Owner at Sterling Holdings and 2 Pawn Guys

"With 36 standard reports, you’d think you wouldn’t need to look at data any other way, but sometimes you do. That’s why we included ad hoc reporting so you can pull information exactly how you want to see it. I really like the ad hoc reporting. If somebody bought something 6 months ago it easy to find it in the item history. I can see if it was pawned or is on layaway."

Pat A.
Owner at Greenmount Loan & Jewelry

"I like the reports. At the end of the month, I can pull up a report which includes my sales and sales tax. It makes it easy to send the papers to the accountant. The same reports help at the end of the year."

Hamid A.
Owner at Columbia Gold Buy & Sell

leverage the power of an enterprise platform

Single Store All-In-One Solution

Small businesses shouldn't have to settle for less when it comes to technology, service or results. Whether you're a new business owner or a single-store operator looking to improve your results, Bravo has the solutions and tools you need to advance your business.

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Manage your business, not your software

Developed For Multi-Store

As multi-store operators, Bravo is structured from the ground up to support multiple locations businesses. Give your team the most powerful tool that maximizes profitability, improves customer experience, and boosts productivity.

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