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Gain more control of your business, improve visibility, and gather insights that will help you be a better leader, operator, and business owner.

Accounting Solutions

Finally, seamless integration between your point of sale and accounting software for a painless day at the office.

no more headaches

Eliminate The Guesswork

Bravo tracks the who, what, when, and where of every transaction. Creating an accurate, automated accounting export. By providing a hand-off of your store's data to your accounting package, Bravo takes the guesswork out of posting financial data. Once the connection has been set up and the chart of accounts has been synced, you can sit back and have confidence that you always have the most up-to-date data available.

Perfect Books

Post to accounting daily or monthly for accurate, up-to-date financials.

More Hours In the Day

Grant access to your accounting team so that you get more time to focus on what your care about, helping your business succeed.

Freedom of Choice

Minimize manual data entry by integrating with the best accounting systems, including Quickbooks Desktop, Great Plains, and Sage One.

100% Accurate

A seamless integration between Bravo and your accounting software means sales, payments, layaways, discounts, loans, or trades are fully accountable.

Take Action

In addition to tracking your daily cash flow, Bravo tracks detail by transaction and posts a consolidated ledger so you have transparency to make decisions.

Set Up Assistance

Lean on our accounting experts who have helped set up hundreds of accounting integrations.

Never Miss a Posting

The Task Manager keeps track and reminds you when you need to post to Accounting with a real-time bubble counter.

Simple Documentation

Hire a new accounting firm or bookkeeper? The Solution Center has you covered with articles, how-tos, and FAQs.

Remote Posting

Bravo generates postings each night and with remote access, your bookkeeper can be in the office, at home, or anywhere else.

Detail By Transaction

Break down the total debits and credits by transaction. View daily or by your desired date range.

Multi-Store Functionality

It is simple to designate account names globally, by individual stores, or by regions for the general ledger export.

improve buy sell consignment retail business with bravo point of sale

"My company has been using Bravo Systems for 6 years now. We have been very happy with the software, in every aspect from ATF audits, to Pawn Loan Tracking, or even our Company Branded Website for selling items."

Sam R.
Owner at Sam's Locker
text message marketing made easy with mobile messenger

"To be able to click on Company Performance and see all the stores numbers on 1 dashboard is awesome. No more running 5 reports. Just 1 click."

Bryce J.
CEO at Dan's Discount Jewelry & Pawn

"With Bravo you can run ANY type report you need. Keeping track of the cash in your tills and safe is so easy. I would need a whole lot of space to talk about every thing Bravo does for me and my company, but the bottom line is that Bravo is the best program on the market."

Kimbal H.
Owner at First Coast Pawn and More
ad hoc reporting from bravo useable data from your business

"I have bravo installed on my Microsoft Surface, so I can access both stores and pull reports from anywhere just like I was sitting in the store. Ad-hoc reporting is a game changer. Build any report you can think of and data is populated in a workable format."

Mathew S.
Owner at Gateway Jewelry & Pawn

Audit Solutions

Simplify your inventory management with a platform that tracks the who, what, when, and where of every single transaction.

the "no-hassle" audit

Built For Speed

Conduct audits efficiently with online/offline mode, input multiple user audits simultaneously, and real-time reconciliation.

Reduce The Length And Complexity Of Audits

Bravo is designed to help you spend less time in audits and more time taking care of your customers.

Quick Setup, Simple Execution

Segment by inventory layers (first-in, first-out or last-in, last-out), high-value item inventory, items in transit, and by location in minutes.

Better For You

Sleep well knowing every item in your store is accounted for.

Better For Your Team

Give associates a tool to complete audits quickly and without errors.

Better For The Customer

The less time you spend auditing means more time with your customers.

No Extra Hardware

Download the Audit app on any PC device and pair with your barcode scanner.

Random Counts By Number

Set up random counts of your choosing to reduce the number of full audits needed.

Real-Time Reconciliation

Stop wasting time looking for items that were sold or picked up during the audit.

Partial Rr Full Counts

Limit your audit to exactly what you need to save otherwise wasted time.

Flexible Segmentation

Segment your audit into any ad hoc criteria to save time and stay focused.

Online/Offline Modes

Audit flexibility allows your employees to choose the mode that is easiest for them.

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