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Stop settling for outdated software and lackluster customer service. At Bravo, we pride ourselves on leading the charge in point of sale software innovations for pawnbrokers and treating customers the way we’d want to be treated. Making a change in software provider is a big deal – we're ready to be your partner.

5 Generations In Your Corner

Bravo knows pawn better than any other provider in the industry. We are borne out of five generations of pawnbrokers who recognized the gross inadequacy of software for pawn, and did something about it. We don't just develop software, we provide end-to-end solutions for pawn business of all sizes.

It’s Time To Upgrade Your POS

Get More With Bravo

Bravo has more out of the box features than PawnMate or any other software company in the industry. Other point of sale providers have you bouncing between multiple systems to complete simple tasks, costing you time and money. Our integrated software solves that headache, and is proven to increase loan and layaway balances, drive more on-time payments and increase foot traffic in your store.

Easy To Learn

Our team of knowledgeable Onboarding Managers, walk you through training when you switch to Bravo. Plus, Bravo equips you with tools that make even the newest employee productive in days.

Easy to Use

Bravo’s software is fast, intuitive and easy for your team to use. Automations replace manual administration work so your team can focus on customers and revenue-generating activities.

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Increase Loan Balance

Approve loans any time, anywhere with mobile apps. Bravo’s estimators give you the data you need so you know when to loan more.

Boost Sales

Open the door for new revenue streams and boost sales with tools that drive in-store and online traffic like integrated online marketplaces and text messaging.

Improve Productivity

Employee Task Manager makes it easy to know what needs to be done each day and smart automations reduce costly manual work.

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The Only POS You’ll Ever Need

Save time and make more money.  Running your business in Bravo means no more time-consuming manual work and duplicate entry. All daily tasks, customer interactions, 4473’s, text messaging, eCommerce sales, accounting and financial operations and reporting are performed and managed through a single, integrated platform. Increase loan balances and make more on every buy, sell and trade with powerful tools to evaluate items that come across your counter. Jump into eCommerce with the push of a button and tackle mobile marketing easily. All in one system.

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bravo's product estimator on desktop

Data Backed Decisions

Loan More. Make More.

Bravo makes it simple to evaluate items as they come across your counter with several built in guides and estimating tools and provides data-backed guidance on how much to loan on each item.  

Bravo's Condition Rating tool allows employees to assess and determine the worth of every item based on its condition, including jewelry, by answering a few simple questions right in the system.

Bravo's Product Estimators, 1,300 preloaded categories and Pricing Guides give you access to real-time data like recommended loan amounts based on customer profile, average forfeiture rate and turnover time, so you can make informed decisions with each loan, layaway and trade transaction.  

See It In Action
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Offer Remote Payments

Increase Cash Flow

Elevate your customer experience and enable your customers to engage with you in a whole new way with MobilePawn. Increase customer loyalty, boost sales and decrease forfeiture rates simply by providing the convenience your customers expect.  

Customers can shop inventory, make payments, initiate loan requests and more, right from the palm of their hand. And free, automated text messages and push notifications are proven to increase adoption of the app and on-time payments, without increasing your workload.  

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switching to bravo increases pawn loan balance

"Since making the switch to Bravo, my carried loan balance has increased from $74K to $103K. And my buys went from an average of $2 -$3K up to $4K. That’s an almost 45% increase."

Eric W.
Owner at Beach City Pawn & Guitar
bravo makes running pawn shop easier

"The pawn industry is changing and evolving toward more technology and more internet sales. I was searching for an answer that would help facilitate my business in the future. Bravo fits this, one hundred percent. Bravo has made my job easier because it is able to guide employees through the process of a pawn easier. It's better than any other software I've seen."

Fred T.
Owner at Loan Star Pawn & Pawn$mart
text message marketing made easy with mobile messenger

"Our swinging door profit margin has increased because I really see employees looking at the estimator and making educated decisions on purchases and loans. All of our employees can write loans twice as fast now because of the estimator."

Bryce J.
CEO at Dan's Discount Jewelry & Pawn
mobilepawn makes running pawn shop better

"I like the idea that customers can use MobilePawn to pay pawns, layaways, an even shop inventory all in one easy to use app. I also like the customer service Bravo gives. They are always a phone call away and I even have had the CEO message me when I needed help. Who does that? Bravo does. Perfect, easy to use software."

Steven W.
Owner at Bedford Pawn and Guns

Popular Add Ons For Pawnbrokers

See how Bravo's suite of solutions are driving success for pawnbrokers of all sizes across the globe.

bravo's enterprise management product

Manage Multiple Locations

Centralize All Operations

Bravo's Enterprise Management product empowers administrators and owners to operate multiple locations through a central dashboard where you can configure, update, and make changes to your store operations and employee access. You have full visibility into individual stores, company and employee performance and profitability.

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bravo's integrated ecommerce

Turn Inventory Faster

Integrated eCommerce

Imagine this – with a click of a button, all of your inventory is listed online for free. Pictures, description, condition rating and pricing - everything all there. Sell an item in-store? It’s automatically removed from your online listing - no more manual inventory management. Reach new customers and allow local customers to browse online. All in the same system you process in-store transactions. That’s the power of Bravo.

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