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No more time-consuming manual work. No more duplicate entry. No more compliance violations caused by human error. No more blind spots. That's the power of Bravo.

#1 Point Of Sale For Gun Stores

Thousands of FFLs use Bravo to manage their in store and online businesses. Bravo solutions help gun retailers protect their FFL, create superior employee and customer experiences, compete effectively and improve bottom-line results.

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End to End Gun Transactions

Say goodbye to using multiple software systems and vendors for your gun transactions and compliance. Bravo Point of Sale is the first 360 degree solution for gun stores. Get the job done with one, easy-to-use platform.

Headache Free Compliance

Imagine being able to sell firearms without dreading the idea of an ATF audit. Bravo makes this possible by guaranteeing ATF compliance, eliminating human errors on 4473s and offering an ATF portal for faster audits.

Hassle Free Experience

With your 4473s, 3310s, A&D books, eNICS, transfers and vendor catalogs built right into Bravo Point of Sale, you're able to provide a convenient, seamless experience for customers and employees through every gun transaction.

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Everything in One Place

Manage your entire business in one centralized system. Our point of sale allows you to collect, store, report, and analyze customer, employee and sales data across all locations and selling channels so you have a holistic view of company performance.

All features and products are developed in house by Bravo and built in to the point of sale so you don't need to work in multiple systems, manage multiple vendors or deal with the hassle of 3rd party integrations. The result: reduced overhead and operating costs and increased profits.

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Operate with Confidence

When you upgrade to Bravo Point of Sale you get more than a new software - you get a partner who works with you and for you every day to make sure you and your team have what you need to wake up happy and seize the day.

99.99% Uptime

With better uptime than Google, Bravo POS is stable, secure and reliable. Have peace of mind that your operations will run smoothly and without costly interruptions.

100% ATF Compliant

No point of sale provider understands the complexities of compliance more than Bravo. Our team ensures our system is always compliant so you can focus on growing your business.

Clean Conversions

Our experienced conversion team works with you and your previous software vendor to ensure your store, customer and employee data is converted accurately and on time.

Continual Enhancements

Bravo releases new features and functionality 6 to 8 times a year. Core upgrades are included and ensure you always have what you need to stay relevant and run your business better.

Proven Onboarding

Work with our onboarding team to get your Bravo system configured exactly how you want it, your team trained and ready to go live - quickly and easily. Rest easy knowing we've got your compliance configurations covered, too.

Outstanding Support

Our Support Specialists work hard to resolve any issues quickly and accurately. Our support team also loves to talk best practices and technical know-how to help you harness the power of Bravo.

Popular Built In Features for Firearm Retailers

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E4473 & Cloud Storage

Bravo's own built-in E4473 puts an end to manual work, reduces liability and eliminates errors on 4473s. Cloud Storage gets rid of all those paper forms, making traces and audits faster than ever before.

Compliant A&D Books

Easily manage firearm inventory and transactions with Bravo's built in A&D Books. All entries are automated and 100% compliant.

Firearm Transfers

Complete third party and private party gun transfers quickly. Customize transfer fees to fit your business model.

Automated 3310s

Make multiple firearm forms easier with automated 3310.4 and 3310.12 report forms.

Integrated eNICS

Complete background checks quickly with Bravo's eNICS Chrome extension. NICS eCheck web forms auto populate with E4473 information, eliminating manual entry.

Vendor Catalogs

Integrations with Lipsey's, RSR Group, Zanders and Sports South make it fast and easy to take in firearms and other sporting goods inventory.

Customer Management

See all your customer information across all channels and all locations, including contact and profile info, purchase, loan history and more.

Task Manager

Keep your employees on track with an easy-to-use task board. Employees are reminded of outstanding to-do items like Overdue Layaways, Loans to Expire, and more.

Integrated eCommerce

List items for free on 4 marketplaces simultaneously, with the touch of a button. Online listings removed automatically if item sells in-store. Lowest final value fees in the industry.

Used Goods Estimator

Assess and determine the worth of preowned firearms and sporting good items based on condition. Real-time data recommends in-store and online pricing for buying and selling.

Text Messaging

Send automated bulk messages to contact lists or individual text messages right through the point of sale.

Mobile Apps

Consumer-facing app makes shopping inventory, communicating with employees and making layaway payments easy.

Tradeshow Mode

Change your tax configs & ensure accurate accounting with the click of a button so you can travel for tradeshows hassle-free.


Use 60+ pre-built reports or customize your own to easily track KPIs and get actionable insights into company, store and employee performance.


Minimize manual with integrations including QuickBooks, Great Plains, and Sage One, and ensure sales, payments, layaways, discounts, loans, or trades are fully accountable.

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Browse through a sampling of our support tutorials to learn more about Bravo Store Systems, to see some of our most valuable features in action, and to check out some of our newest feature releases.