Shopkeeper from bravo makes retail employees more productive

Bravo ShopKeeper App

Increase Employee Efficiency And Save Money

Give your employees a revenue-generating tool that makes workdays easier and more productive and improves customer experience.

The Ultimate Employee App

Wish you could be in multiple store locations at the same time? With Bravo Shopkeeper you can. You have visibility into what's happening at all your locations at any given time and you can communicate in real-time with other employees and customers.

Shopkeeper from bravo makes retail employees more productive

A smarter way to work

Improve Efficiencies

Managers can approve or deny transactions, track and relocate inventory, take pictures of merchandise and communicate directly with customers, from anywhere, anytime.

Cut Down On Phone Calls

Decrease the number of inbound and follow up phone calls with ShopKeeper. Two-way chat allows employees to communicate with customers in real-time, decreasing the number of follow up tasks your team needs to manage.

Reduce Manual Work

Employees use their phone to scan price tags, take pictures, and save. Images automatically sync with Bravo POS and across Buya, eBay and your company-branded site, eliminating manual and duplicate work.

Improve productivity

Increase Employee Engagement

90% of frontline employees want the ability to access information anytime and anywhere as part of their work. With ShopKeeper your employees are equipped with modern technology that helps them meet productivity goals while making their days easier.

Get Rid Of Employee Frustration

Store managers are busy. With ShopKeeper, managers are able to approve or deny transactions instantly from anywhere, so employees can take care of customers quickly and hassle-free.

Give Employees Autonomy

What better way to engage employees than to let your team sell anytime, anywhere. Shopkeeper allows your team to accept, reject or negotiate offers made through Bravo’s integrated eCommerce channels and MobilePawn app.

Shopkeeper from bravo makes retail employees more productive

differentiate from competition

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Often times, the experience consumers get doesn't come close to what they want. Bridge the gap with ShopKeeper, by providing an entirely new way for consumers to do business with you.

Provide Real-Time Responses

Employees can chat with customers directly through the app, making it easy for customers and potential customers to ask questions and get answers instantly, increasing the likelihood of making a sale or writing a new loan.

Take The Hassle Out of Approval

With ShopKeeper, employees can view pictures of items customers want to sell or pawn and approve or deny remotely. Consumers don't need to find and pay for transportation to your store until they know they are approved for a loan or sale of an item.


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What our customers say about us is far more important than what we say about ourselves. Check out the stories and learn about the successes of Bravo customers.

Customer Stories
David C.
Owner at Heartland Pawnbrokers
“One my top three favorite things about Bravo, in addition to MobilePawn and eCommerce, is Shopkeeper. Bravo Shopkeeper enables my employees to upload photos instantly to the online inventory listings, which helps items sell faster.”
Eric W.
Owner at Beach City Pawn & Guitar
"I was looking for a software that was cloud-based, because I often work from home. I didn’t want to have to call and hassle the staff. Bravo lets me monitor my metrics remotely.”
Michael K.
Owner at Santa Monica Jewelry & Loan
“I also appreciate the ability to access data in real time. Being on the cloud is a big benefit. The team is there to get your business up to speed, and serve the industry in a way that hasn’t been done before."
Randy W.
Owner at Huntington Super Pawn
"Our previous pawn software was very antiquated. Bravo solved all the problems our outdated software was causing."

ShopKeeper Features

ShopKeeper includes built-in features that make the app easy to use. Employees can start using immediately, making days easier and more productive.

Automatic Photo Upload

Employees can easily scan price tags through the app, take pictures and save. Images automatically upload to Bravo POS and to Buya, eBay and your company-branded site.

Two-Way Chat

Deliver exceptional customer experience and improve productivity by enabling operators and customers to interact anywhere, anytime through mobile apps.

Remote Loan Approval

Approve loans remotely through the app instead of forcing customers to bring items to a physical location first.

Online Negotiation & Acceptance

Communicate directly with customers to negotiate and accept eCommerce offers in real-time.

Item Lookup

Easily look up and locate items through the app from anywhere. Employees aren't tied to an at-counter workstation to get their job done.

Bulk Relocation

Easily relocate inventory in bulk directly through the app. No need to relocate items individually or manually in the POS.

Available for iOS & Android

ShopKeeper can be used on any iOS or Android device, making use easily accessible for every employee.

Bravo POS Integration

ShopKeeper integrates natively with Bravo POS so all information is transferred seamlessly, ensuring the experience remains centralized.

MobilePawn Integration

ShopKeeper integrates natively with MobilePawn, a powerful pairing that allows employees and customers to chat through the app about loans, layaways, buys and more.

Sound Good? We Think So Too.

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Shopkeeper from bravo makes retail employees more productive
step by step

How ShopKeeper Works

Step 1

Download the ShopKeeper App

A quick and free download from the Apple and Google app stores.

Step 2

Create a Profile

In just a few minutes, create a personal profile for yourself.

Step 3

Start Using ShopKeeper

Begin approving loans, uploading photos and chatting with customers immediately.