Powerful Enterprise Management

Our key enterprise features will help break down data silos that cost you money and limit your business intelligence by collecting, storing, reporting, and analyzing all company, store, customer, and channel data into one centralized platform.

Enterprise management from bravo eliminates data silos in your retail business

Enabling Sustainable Growth

Bravo's Enterprise Management product empowers administrators and owners to operate multiple locations through a central dashboard where you can configure, update, and make changes to your store operations and employee access.

everything you need in one place

A Company Command Center

Enterprise Management is an intuitive, flexible, and scalable product that enables businesses to adapt quickly, grow rapidly, and operate profitably.

Improve Span of Control

Robust reporting provides real-time visibility into store, channel, and company performance, as well as employee performance and profitability.

Scale At Your Own Pace

Enterprise Management enables you to grow your business as you see fit. Easily add new locations and integrated applications or branch out into new states and cities without waiting days, weeks, or months to implement.

Enterprise management from bravo eliminates data silos in your retail business

Better For You

You have full visibility into individual stores, company and employee performance and profitability.

Better For Your Team

Employees can easily look up customers across your entire organization, transfer inventory seamlessly with NO retagging, and even transfer cash between locations.

Better For Customers

Know your customer holistically including all their interactions with your business, across all locations. Even collect payments at any location.

Customer Search & Sharing

Auto query your entire organization when searching for a customer. Easily expand or narrow searches to for quick results. Get a more holistic view of the customer and all the business they have transacted.

Inter-Store Inventory Search

Easily search all locations for a specific items directly from Bravo. No need to pick up the phone and track down what your customer is looking for.

Inventory Transfers

Seamlessly transfer items between locations without losing item history, and you will never need to retag it! Get alerts on the dashboard when another store sends an item.

Configurable by Store

Enables multi- states, regulation, currency, lingual, even multi-loan offerings. Configure permissions and data access by store as well.

Inter-Store Payments

Customers can make pawn and layaway payments at any company location with zero extra effort for them or your employees.

Remote Access

You have full visibility into individual stores, company and employee performance and profitability anywhere you go with an internet connection.

Adding a third retail store to their organization was easy with bravo enterprise management

"When acquiring our third store, we found transitioning with Bravo to be far easier than what I’d experienced while using our previous pawn shop software. It’s very modern over the traditional server base. Really light years ahead."

Michael K.
Owner at Santa Monica Jewelry & Loan
insights to your retail business made better by bravo reporting tools

"The one thing that seem to resonate the most with operators I talk to is the transparency Bravo provides through ad hoc and other reporting functionality. It's difficult to make quality business decisions when you don't have all the facts. Bravo provides that insight."

Owner at Sterling Holdings and 2 Pawn Guys
Growth in your retail business is easy with Bravo

"Call me. Now that I have switched from our other provider, I wish I would have done it sooner. This is the next step if you're wanting to grow to the next level. If you're not uncomfortable, you're not going to see growth."

Brian G.
Owner at Tom's Pawn
Enterprise Management with Bravo makes is easy to scale your business operations as your retail stores grow

"We wanted to find something that was dynamic, something that would create opportunity for us, something that was scalable as we grew our business, and something that would make doing business very easy. What we discovered is that Bravo checks all those boxes and then some. If you want to run multiple locations, you have to be on the Bravo system. There’s nothing that compares."

Mark J.
Owner at TNT Pawn

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