Integrate all your operations and customer interactions across all channels with. Built on the industry's most sophisticated tech stack, Bravo is flexible, scalable and allows you to adapt quickly, grow rapidly, and operate profitably.

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At the end of the day, the technology you use needs to do one thing: work the way you need it to. We’ve built Bravo on a sophisticated technology stack and employ some of the brightest engineers and developers to create our software and integrations without compromise.

100% uptime - You never need to worry about downtime or costly on-premise server crashes that halt your operations.

Microsoft Azure Cloud technology -enefit from Microsoft's incredible security and privacy features, so you can have peace of mind that all your data is safe, backed up and accessible all the time.

Fully configurable - Flexible architecture and out of the box framework enables the platform to be configured quickly, without the use of your own developers and without waiting weeks or months to implement changes.

To get you up and running quickly, your Bravo partnership includes end-to-end implementation and onboarding support.

Dedicated onboarding team - We walk you through each step of Onboarding, from project kick-off to go-live, including goal alignment, hardware review, set up, merchant account creation, training sessions, store and regulatory setup, system training, configuration and conversion, and go-live store open and store close calls

Robust training services - We provide a variety of training options to help you use all your Bravo solutions to their full potential. Beginner and advanced training sessions, training reviews and refreshers, and firearm solution training are available.

Accurate, fast conversions - We've never met a software we couldn't convert. To date, our team of experts has successfully executed hundreds of data conversions from fifteen known formats and vendors including PawnMaster Classic, PawnMaster Ignite, PawnMate, Dazzle, Pawn Soft, SuperPawn, and many more

“I’ve been a Bravo customer a few years now and I wish I would’ve swapped years ago. The customer service Bravo provides is the best in the industry. Bravo has helped to grow my business on multiple levels. There isn’t a company that comes close to what Bravo can do for your business. Highly recommend!”

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Dallas A.
Owner, Oxford Pawnshop

Bravo’s software is fast, intuitive and easy for your team to use. We equip you with tools that make even the newest employee productive in days.

Say goodbye to costly manual work - Whether you operate one store or more than one hundred, Bravo is built to support your needs. Automations replace manual admin work so your team can focus on customers and revenue-generating activities.

No more switching between multiple systems - Everything you need to do your job well lives in one place. All daily tasks, employee communication, customer interactions, marketing campaigns, eCommerce sales, accounting and financial operations, and reporting are performed and managed through a single, integrated platform.

No more blind spots - Bravo's standard and custom reports provide access to complete, accurate and real-time data so you can track key performance metrics across your entire company, down to the employee level. All your data in one place, all the time.

With thousands of successful conversions under our belt and 1300+ delighted customers, you can feel confident about about switching to the industry's most reliable software.

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