Gun Transactions simplified.

An All-In-One Solution For Gun Stores

Staying compliant is complicated enough. Work with one software provider for all of your gun store needs. Bravo Store Systems integrates Point of Sale, E4473, Cloud Storage, A&D book, eCommerce and more, all in one platform. That’s the power of Bravo.

Say Goodbye To Multiple Systems

Streamline and simplify your business operations. Working with Bravo means you have a single software system to manage your entire business: E4473 forms, A&D book, online selling and mobile marketing through one powerful platform.


The Only POS You’ll Ever Need

Upgrading to Bravo means no more time-consuming manual work and duplicate entry, no more unnecessary ATF violations caused by human error and help identifying incomplete or inaccurate information.

Fully Integrated

With Bravo, you manage your entire business in one centralized system. All applications are native. This means no more interruptions to your business because of unstable 3rd party integrations and no more managing multiple vendors.

Wonderfully Automated

Bravo’s software is fast, intuitive and easy for your team to use. Automations replace manual administration work so your team can focus on customers and revenue-generating activities.

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bravo products on desktop, tablet and mobile

Stress Less

Bravo solutions are 100% compliant with ATF regulations, protecting you against ATF violations and FFL revocation.

Save Time

Manual and duplicate entry is all but eliminated with Bravo, giving you hours back in the day to focus on revenue-generating activities.

Sell More

Automated and integrated eCommerce and marketing make it easy to drive awareness and increase sales. marketplace on desktop and mobile


Easy Online Sales With Integrated eComm

Imagine this – with a click of a button, all of your inventory is listed online for free. Pictures, description, condition rating and pricing - everything all there. Sell an item in-store? It’s automatically removed from your online listing - no more manual inventory management. Reach new customers and allow local customers to browse online. All in the same system you process in-store transactions. That’s the power of Bravo.

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bravo's' product estimator prices used guns easily


Easily Buy, Sell, Trade Used Guns

Take the guesswork out of accepting used firearms and make more money on every sale with Bravo’s Product Estimator. The Product Estimator assesses and determines the worth of used merchandise based on condition. Buy, sell and trade at the right price every time with our built in pricing guide, which uses real-time data so it’s easy to see what items are worth and how they should be priced for online and in-store sales.

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Manage inventory Easily

Vendor Catalog Integrations

Bravo Point of Sale integrates with some of the largest distributors in the industry, making it fast and easy to take in firearms and other sporting goods inventory from Lipsey's, RSR Group, Zanders and Sports South.

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automated ATF log book saves time for ffl dealers

"This software does it all. Bravo automated my ATF log book, saving me 30 minutes daily."

Sam R.
Sam's Locker Pawn & More
Bravo technology keeps ffl dealers ahead of competition

"The world revolves around technology. If you can't adapt with it you're going to be left behind. Bravo is on top of the game every day."

Shawn W.
Owner at J&S Pawn & Gun
FFL ecommerce, inventory control and employee management easy with Bravo

"We don’t just sell firearms. We love them. We won’t carry anything we wouldn’t shoot. I chose Bravo because it integrates my e-commerce, inventory control, and employee “to-do list,” which ensures my shop is being run more efficiently."

Greg F.
Owner at American Pawn & Gun
E 4473 is simplifying FFL operations

"Just integrated E4473 into one of my shops this week and it has gone off without a hitch. The best part is the reassurance that all of our data is accurate."

Tobey B.
Owner at Tobey's Pawn

Popular Products for Gun Dealers

See how Bravo's suite of solutions are driving success for FFLs of all sizes across the country.

integrated 4473, 3310s and A&D Book

Fully Integrated

E4473 + 3310s + A&D Book

Put an end to manual work for you and your customers, all while reducing liability and eliminating inaccuracies. 100% compliant with ATF regulations, your Bravo Point of Sale comes out of box with a fully integrated suite of FFL solutions including E4473, automated 3310 forms, compliant A&D book and eNICS.

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cloud storage and easy ATF audits

Go paperless

E4473 Cloud Storage

Eliminate 1000s of storage boxes and unsecured paper documents, when you store all your E4473 forms electronically. Perform traces and audits with ease. Bravo’s Cloud Storage includes an ATF Audit Portal, self audit mode and dozens of training resources for IOI agents and employees.

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