Bravo's End-to-End Mobile Suite

Bravo's first-to-market mobile products are used by thousands of pawnshops, firearm dealers, retailers, and consumers across the globe. A recent study found that Bravo customers who use the Bravo suite of mobile solutions outperform their peers who don't.

incredible customer experience


Make it easy for customers to work with you.

MobilePawn offers a deep feature set and rich functionality unlike any other mobile app in the industry. Customers can make loan and layaway payments, initiate loans from home, chat with employees, and shop your online inventory. Available for iOS and Android devices.

Integrates Natively With Bravo Point of Sale

All interactions and information transfer seamlessly between your Bravo point of sale and the MobilePawn app, enabling incredible CX.

Customers Pair With Shopkeeper & Mobile Messenger

Enable two-way chat, texting, and push notifications when you add additional mobile solutions to your suite of offerings. Say goodbye to late payments and lost sales.

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awesome employee experience


Operate and manage your business from anywhere, at all times.

Managers can approve and deny transactions, track & relocate inventory, take pictures of merchandise, and communicate in real-time with other employees and customers from anywhere.

Integrates Natively With Bravo Point of Sale

All interactions and information transfer seamlessly between your Bravo point of sale and the Shopkeeper app improving employee productivity.

Customers Pair With MobilePawn

A powerful pairing that allows employees and customers to chat through the app about loans, layaways, buys, and more. Say goodbye to unnecessary phone calls.

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communication that works

Mobile Messenger

Connect with customers with automated, recurring notices, and campaigns.

Stop overpaying for your communication software. Mobile Messenger makes it easy to send text messages and push notifications to customers anytime, anywhere.

Integrates Natively With Bravo Point of Sale

All interactions and information transfer seamlessly between your Bravo point of sale and Mobile Messenger so you can send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Customers Pair With MobilePawn

This pairing provides you with a comprehensive package that helps you stay top of mind with prospects and customers through a variety of communication methods and channels.

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preach what you practice

Review Booster

Empower customers to promote your brand.

Positive reviews are your greatest sales and marketing asset. Don't miss out on the opportunity to improve your brand reputation and stop wasting resources on review products that require manual work for employees. Bravo Review Booster allows you ask for, collect, and promote your reviews in a matter of seconds.

Integrates Natively With Bravo Point of Sale & Popular Review Sites.

Your positive review is automatically posted to Google, Facebook, Yelp, and CitySearch. And the review is instantly added to the customer profile in Bravo.

There is no manual work required for employees!

Customers Pair With Mobile Messenger

This pairing allows store employees to send a review link directly to the customer's mobile device while the customer is still in your store and most likely to complete the review.

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Additional Add On Products

To enhance the experience for your employees and customers, we offer additional digital products beyond our core solutions.

promote your brand

Bravo eReceipts

Drive even more customer engagement with your brand by using eReceipts to upsell, cross sell, advertise online, and in-store promotions and offer coupons. Don't miss out on the opportunity to share information and make a lasting impression on your customers.

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turn inventory faster

eCommerce Solutions

Sync all your products from Bravo POS and take your integrated online store live with few easy clicks. Your products, inventory, order management and customer records are automatically streamlined. Sell inventory in four channels simultaneously. All orders come through to your Bravo dashboard. So, whether order was placed in-store or online, your staff have to use only one system to process.

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Sound Good? We Think So Too.

Your new, better way of working starts today.

Support Tutorials On Demand!

Browse through a sampling of our support tutorials to learn more about  our mobile solutions, how they integrate with the Bravo Point Of Sale, and to see some of our most valuable features in action.