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What We Do

Bravo Store Systems is the first all-in-one software provider for specialty retailers including pawnshops, gun stores, buy/sell stores and secondhand retailers.

Bravo provides an omnichannel experience with a focus on native integrations, allowing customers to operate in a single system, rather than operating in multiple systems or relying on clunky 3rd party integrations to complete work.

Our product offerings include Point of Sale, digital 4473 solutions, A&D book, eCommerce marketplaces, mobile apps, marketing solutions, a built-in estimator for evaluating secondhand goods, and reporting and analytics.

Bravo solutions are used by more than 1,500 customers, are fully compliant with state and federal regulations and run with 100% uptime. Bravo eliminates duplicate entry between multiple systems, reduces the risk of human error and violations, automates manual and administrative work and provides near immediate return on investment for customers.

Bravo Point Of Sale

Bravo Point of Sale is an enterprise B2B solution built to enable growth through a rich set of built-in features that support in-store and online operations with single, multi-store and multi-brand functionality.

Our point of sale was created for the unique needs of pawnshops, firearms dealers and other specialty retailers. We are the only company to provide a Point of Sale that takes the guesswork out of buying/selling/trading secondhand goods.

With our built-in Condition Rating feature you can assess and determine the worth of every item based on its condition, including firearms, jewelry electronics and more, by answering a few simple questions. And with our built-in Product Estimator and Pricing Guide you have access to real-time data that makes it easy to see what items are worth and how to price them for in-store and online buying and selling.

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A Bit of Bravo History

If a software company isn't innovating - isn't evolving - it's dying. From the very start we set out to deliver thoughtfully-architected, meticulously-engineered software products that solve real problems. Bravo is the premier platform for underserved markets, releasing first-to-market products, functionality and features multiple times a year.


First Proprietary Software Created

Steve Mack, current Chairman and former CEO of Bravo Systems develops first DOS based point of sale system.

PRIMA Software Solution Developed

Steve enlists Co-founders Kelly York and Mike Wishart to create PRIMA, a new version of the proprietary software.


Omni-Channel eCommerce Added to Core Functionality

PRIMA development continues and is the first and only software to include centralized and de-centralized data architecture, in-store, fulfillment and return automation, plus eBay and integrations.

Bravo Systems Brand is Born and Solutions Brought to Market

The Bravo Store Systems brand launches, introducing the first cloud-based point of sale pawn software to the market. Bravo launches on sophisticated Microsoft tech stack. Point of Sale hits the market with additional functionality.


Bravo Aquires CompuPawn

Bravo Systems makes first strategic acquisition, acquiring CompuPawn. Bravo adds end-user Consumer Experience to company's core initiatives to ensure that Bravo customers are able to deliver exceptional, differentiating experiences to their customers.

Bravo Appoints New CEO & Launches Mobile Apps

Tally Mack is named CEO of Bravo Systems by Chairman and Co-founders. Bravo releases first-to-market natively integrated mobile applications, MobilePawn and Shopkeeper.


Bravo Moves To Azure & Expands Suite of Products

Bravo Platform moves to Microsoft Azure to support scalability for multi-store and enterprise customers. Bravo launches Review Booster and eReceipts, expanding digital offerings for customers

Bravo Hits Hyper-Growth

Bravo launches new brand, 3.0 version of the platform, E4473, announces strategic partnerships with Fortis payment processor.

Bravo grows leadership team by 20%, transitions to remote-first culture post-pandemic and Bravo customers reach record year, increasing store count by 300% over previous year, despite COVID pandemic.

Bravo launches E4473 Cloud Storage, Automated 3310's, Gun Transfers, a New Buya Mobile app, enhanced SKU and inventory management and integrations with top vendor catalogs.


Bravo Acquires PawnMaster

Bravo second strategic acquisition, acquiring longest standing pawn software company, PawnMaster. Bravo adds on-premise PawnMaster Classic solution to product lineup, welcomes 2,500+ new customers and 30+ new employees from the PawnMaster team.

Bravo launches new AI predictive pricing and chat assistant Judy, and rolls out groundbreaking store find on consumer app MobilePawn.

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What our customers say about us is far more important than what we say about ourselves. Check out the stories and learn about the successes of Bravo customers.

Customer Stories
Martin S.
Owner at Premier Jewellery and Loans
“Powerful software built on current technology that's being constantly updated. It's wonderful to see a monthly change log with new features added. It's nice to see a company looking to the future.”
Lauren G.
COO at EZ Pawn
“In my 10 years of running my family pawnshop business, Bravo Pawn Software has been the most revolutionary change I have yet to see. Bravo's system is exactly what we needed to operate more efficiently. The usability of Bravo for my staff is great, along with the integrations made with e-comm, credit card readers, and MobilePawn. The updates they create keep us relevant in a world that is constantly changing.”
Jesse V.
Owner at Flagstaff Pawn
“After 18 years in pawn all over the country, I have used EVERY pawn software (Compupawn/Pawnmaster). Bravo is by far the fastest, easiest, safest option I have found. Support is amazing and fast and knowledgeable. Always there for us and Bravo is for pawnbrokers and our industry! They have my unwavering support!”
Brian G.
Owner at Tom's Pawn
“We have 4 locations and switched to Bravo over year ago. Hands down one of the best decisions we made as a company. Bravo is constantly coming up with new ways to improve and the customer service is always top notch. I’m impressed with the team and the company. Thank you Bravo for what y’all do.”
Team Bravo

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Solutions That
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Bravo's point of sale

Point Of Sale Cloud

Save time and make more money. All daily tasks, customer interactions, 4473’s, text messaging, eCommerce sales, accounting and financial operations, and reporting are performed and managed through a single, integrated platform.

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bravo's ecommerce marketplaces on desktop and mobile

eCommerce Cloud

Market and sell your inventory on multiple eCommerce sites at the same time, including eBay, Buya, UsedGuns and your own company branded site.

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buya app and mobile pawn

Mobile Commerce Cloud

Consumer-facing apps making shopping inventory, communicating with your store and making payments easy for your customers.

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Text message exchange using mobile messenger

Marketing Cloud

Integrated marketing tools automate text messaging and customer reviews to increase visibility and drive repeat purchases – with no extra work for you!

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E4473 transaction on mobile

Specialized Cloud

Make firearm sales faster and safer with help from Bravo. Reduce human error with digital 4473s and eliminate the need to store decades of paperwork with E4473 Cloud Storage.

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Bravo Reporting Pro reports on tablet

Operations Cloud

Eliminate blind spots. Whether you have one store or 100, operating your business has never been simpler with tools for detailed reporting, an app to manage your business right from your phone and more.

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