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All Transactions Simplified

An All-In-One Solution for Buy/Sell & Consignment

No more working in multiple systems to get work done. No time-consuming manual work or duplicate entry. And no more blind spots. Bravo's all in one point of sale reduces workloads and increases the bottom line.

Say Goodbye To Multiple Systems

Streamline and simplify your business operations. Working with Bravo means you have a single software system to manage your entire business: POS, consignor details, pricing estimator, online selling and mobile marketing through one powerful platform.

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The Only POS You’ll Ever Need

Upgrading to Bravo means no more time-consuming manual work and duplicate entry. Make more on every buy, sell and trade with powerful tools to evaluate items that come across your counter. Jump into eCommerce with the push of a button and tackle mobile marketing easily. All in one system.

Fully Integrated

With Bravo, you manage your entire business in one centralized system. All applications are native. This means no more interruptions to your business because of unstable 3rd party integrations and no more managing multiple vendors.

Wonderfully Automated

Bravo’s software is fast, intuitive and easy for your team to use. Automations replace manual administration work so your team can focus on customers and revenue-generating activities.

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Improve Profit Margins

Buy, sell and trade at the right price every time with Bravo's built in Pricing Guide & Product Estimators

Save Time

Manual and duplicate entry is all but eliminated with Bravo, giving you hours back in the day to focus on revenue-generating activities.

Increase Sales

Automated and integrated eCommerce and marketing make it easy to drive awareness and increase sales.

bravo's product estimator price used goods easily

buy with confidence

Data Driven Purchases

Bravo makes it simple to evaluate items as they come across your counter with several built in estimating tools.

Bravo's Condition Rating tool allows employees to assess and determine the worth of every item based on its condition, including jewelry, by answering a few simple questions right in the system.

Bravo's Product Estimators and 1,300 preloaded categories give you access to real-time data that makes it easy to see what items are worth and how to price them for in-store and online buying and selling.

Customer Purchasing tools provide customer analysis and historical information that help maximize profit and drive customer loyalty. Vendor Purchasing tools allow you to simply add vendors, track inventory levels, log purchase orders, and run reports to ensure you have the right inventory when you need it.

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trade used goods in one transaction with bravo

Swap swiftly

Trading Made Easy

Bravo makes it easy to buy and sell items in the same, single transaction.

Make Bravo work for you with configurations that allow you to hold per-buy requirements. Price inventory at the time of purchase, saving time and money you used to spend pricing and locating later.

Customize tax rules, receipt content, contracts, categories, and security permissions to optimize your operations.

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better retail customer service with bravo

smart consignment

Keep Consignors Coming Back

Let Bravo manage your consignments simply and effectively, with less manual and administrative work.

Flexible terms and robust data and analytics play a critical role in your store's success. Bravo keeps track of your consignors and customers, including how often they shop with you, how much they spend and what they're buying.

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improve buy sell consignment retail business with bravo point of sale

"My favorite Bravo feature would be the consignment feature. It helps us as far as booking goes, it’s very convenient. Accounting is normally a nightmare. In Bravo, everything is done in the system. It works out very well for us."

James M.
Manager at Max Pawn
improve buy sell consignment retail business with bravo point of sale

"My company has been using Bravo Systems for 6 years now. We have been very happy with the software, in every aspect from audits, to tracking, or even our Company Branded Website for selling items."

Sam R.
Owner at Sam's Locker
more time with customers, less paperwork with bravo

" As new technology and business needs emerge, the software framework is ready to respond with system wide, and specific, solutions. An added feature is that we get to spend more time connecting with customers and less time on their paperwork. "

Tom B.
Owner at Naperville Jewelry & Loan
ad hoc reporting from bravo useable data from your business

" My favorite feature is the Jewelry Master. It makes pricing jewelry easy and consistent. Just enter the necessary information and bravo comes up with the price. Bravo makes eCommerce a breeze. "

Mathew S.
Owner at Gateway Jewelry & Pawn

Popular Products For Buy/Sell & Consignment

See how Bravo's suite of solutions are driving success for niche operators of all sizes across the globe.

bravo's point of sale on desktop

work smarter

Bravo Point of Sale

Save time and make more money. All daily tasks, customer interactions, 4473’s, text messaging, eCommerce sales, accounting and financial operations, and reporting are performed and managed through a single, integrated platform.

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bravo's ecommerce on desktop and mobile

turn inventory faster

Integrated eCommerce

With fully integrated, omnichannel commerce, your customers can shop your store from anywhere and your inventory stays updated.  Bravo keeps track of what sells online and in store - no more costly manual work to avoid double sales.

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