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Manage inventory with a robust product catalog, accessible from your POS, back-office, or on the road to help you maximize profits.

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Powerful Purchasing

Bravo makes it simple to evaluate items as they come across your counter. With more than 1,300 preloaded categories and a robust product catalog, Bravo tailors questions to help guide your employee on what it is worth and what to ask.

Customer Purchases

Equipped with powerful customer analysis and historical information, Bravo helps maximize profit and customer loyalty.

Vendor Purchases

Simply add vendors, track inventory levels, log purchase orders, and run reports to ensure you have the right inventory when you need it.

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Speed & Efficiency

Cloud-based and optimized for speed, enable your store to receive inventory, run sales, and check reports faster than ever before.

Simple to Learn

An intuitive user experience and interface shortens new employee adoption and reduces the stress of new hire training.

Fully Customizable

Customize tax rules, receipt content, contracts, categories, and security permissions to optimize your operations.

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Integrated eComm & In-Store

Bravo's omni-channel point of sale makes it easy to manage inventory across multiple sales channels in real-time regardless of whether you're making a sale in-store or online. All of your inventory information is synced automatically.

Drive in-store traffic with local pickup. Have your customers order online and pick up their purchases directly from your store. With Bravo, you will increase inventory turnover, and turn your brick-and-mortar into a full commerce store.

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trading made easy

Single Transaction Efficiency

Bravo makes it easy to buy and sell something in the same, single transaction. Flexible configuration allows you to hold per buy requirements. Price at the time of purchase, reducing the administrative burden of pricing and locating later. Powerful back-end setup gives you the option to apply tax considerations so your customers get the benefit and only pay tax on the difference.

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smart consignment

Keep Consignors Coming Back

Eliminate all of your manual entry and administrative tasks and let Bravo manage your consignments simply and effectively.

Flexible terms and robust data and analytics play a critical role in your store's success. Not only does Bravo keep track of your consignors, it keeps track of your customer information including how often they shop with you, how much they spend, and even what they are buying.

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"My favorite Bravo feature would be the consignment feature. It helps us as far as booking goes, it’s very convenient. Accounting is normally a nightmare. In Bravo, everything is done in the system. It works out very well for us."

James M.
Manager at Max Pawn

"My company has been using Bravo Systems for 6 years now. We have been very happy with the software, in every aspect from audits, to tracking, or even our Company Branded Website for selling items."

Sam R.
Owner at Sam's Locker

" As new technology and business needs emerge, the software framework is ready to respond with system wide, and specific, solutions. An added feature is that we get to spend more time connecting with customers and less time on their paperwork. "

Tom B.
Owner at Naperville Jewelry & Loan

" My favorite feature is the Jewelry Master. It makes pricing jewelry easy and consistent. Just enter the necessary information and bravo comes up with the price. Bravo makes eCommerce a breeze. "

Mathew S.
Owner at Gateway Jewelry & Pawn

Bravo Solutions for Buy/Sell, Trade & Consignment

See how Bravo's suite of solutions are driving success for niche operators of all sizes across the globe.

work smarter

Bravo Point of Sale

Bravo POS is an out-of-the box solution that allows you to easily personalize certain aspects of the platform, without the help of experienced software developers. Our software is flexible, scalable and can be continually shaped to meet your organization-specific needs.

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turn inventory faster

eCommerce Solutions

Sync all your products from Bravo POS and take your integrated online store live with few easy clicks. Your products, inventory, order management and customer records are automatically streamlined. Sell inventory in five channels simultaneously. All orders come through to your Bravo dashboard. So, whether order was placed in-store or online, your staff have to use only one system to process.

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