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Why 1600 Customers Choose Bravo

Bravo equips customers with the software solutions and services needed to deliver superior employee and customer experiences, make data-driven business decisions, operate efficiently, compete effectively and improve bottom-line results.

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A New Way Of Working

Think about how much business has changed just in the last year. Consider how different your demands are now versus a decade ago. Employee and consumer demands have evolved rapidly, along with your responsibilities and your workload.

The Bravo Platform is built specifically to enable agility and lightening-speed adaptation so you can shift effectively, without costly interruptions to your operations. You are equipped to change as quickly as the market demands.

No more switching between multiple systems

Everything you need to do your job well lives in one place. All daily tasks, employee communication, customer interactions, marketing campaigns, eCommerce sales, accounting and financial operations, and reporting are performed and managed through a single, integrated platform.

No more blind spots

In order to manage well, you need the right tools to measure effectively. Bravo's standard and custom reports provide access to complete, accurate and real-time data so you can track key performance metrics across your entire company, down to the employee level. All your data in one place, all the time.

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Bravo point of sale on desktop, mobile and tablet

Our Culture

Bravo team members are at the heart of everything we do. We have high standards for every person and a service-minded attitude is how we approach our work, with each other and with customers. Putting others first is how we do our business.

Our Code

From day one, Bravo technology was developed with a sophisticated and flexible architecture, enabling continual releases of first-to-market enhancements and integrations. Our technology enables agility so you can adapt as quickly as the your industry changes.

Our Customers

We collaborate often with our customers, proactively seeking feedback about what we're doing well and what we need to improve. Input from our customers directly influences our product roadmap and service offerings, ensuring our solutions are relevant and our customers' needs are met.

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We Don't Leave You Hanging

We are a partner, not a merely a vendor. We intentionally invest in you and hold ourselves accountable for helping you achieve your goals.

We sell with integrity so you know what you're getting. We start-up fast and train thoroughly so you're up and running quickly. And our Support Team meets performance standards unmatched by any other provider in the industry.

Our relationship doesn't end when you sign on the dotted line, it's just beginning.

Making sure you stay relevant

We Innovate with Purpose

We have no interest in developing "shiny new objects." We obsess over our roadmap and constantly challenge ourselves to deliver the most meaningful technology and service solutions that exceed customer expectations and help them do their job better.

In the past 12 months alone, we've rolled out more than 6 major releases, launched our newest solution, E4473, and established 3 new partnerships that are delivering value beyond our technology and in-house services.

A partner you can trust. no bs.

We Don't Over Promise and Under Deliver

You shouldn't feel like you're taking a gamble when you invest in a software partner.

Bravo operates with transparency, sharing our product and service roadmaps with current and potential customers. We are honest about our current and future capabilities, and we don't sell vaporware.

We hold ourselves accountable to do what we say we're going to do, and we expect our customers to hold us to the same standard of honesty.

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"I researched both Bravo and PawnMaster. Bravo was everything that PawnMaster wasn’t. The Bravo Team and especially my account manager was helpful, humble, and happy to talk to me. If we need anything, Bravo takes care of us."

Russell N.
Owner at Boaz Gun and Pawn

"PawnMaster didn’t do what they said they were going to do. For instance, they said I would be getting [cloud-based solutions app] Ignite within 3 months. A year and a half later, I had to call them to complain that I hadn’t received it yet. Don’t get lured into PawnMaster’s promises of cutting Bravo’s price in half. Bravo is well worth the price and you get way beyond what you pay for."

Leo P.
Owner at Homestead Trading Post
Picture of Bravo customer

"The change can be difficult and the learning curve intense at times. Once I made the change, I couldn't ever see myself going with another POS. Hands down, Bravo is the most forward-thinking software out there."

Dallas A.
Owner at Oxford Pawn Shop

"Bravo is the best pawn program ever. It does so much. I was hesitant of the investment, but I'm making more money because of the time I save and the solutions integrated in Bravo. It is the best decision I made for my store."

Kimbal H.
Owner at First Coast Pawn

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