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Sell Online With Bravo's eCommerce Solutions

Increase in-store traffic and online sales by listing your inventory online across a variety of marketplaces, in a matter of minutes.  

Fully Integrated eCommerce Solutions

Bravo's first-to-market eCommerce products are used by thousands of pawnshops, firearm dealers, retailers, and consumers across the globe. We make it easy for you to promote your brand and inventory online, increasing in-store traffic, and online sales.

Buya Marketplace and Buya app on mobile and desktop ecommerce made easy!

sell more, faster

Buya Marketplace

Bravo’s exclusive online marketplace,, is similar to eBay and Amazon but with drastically lower fees for businesses. Buya is seller friendly and boasts more than half a million items across dozens of product categories.

Turn Inventory Faster

We feed product listings into Google, Yahoo, and Bing to drive traffic to your listings, and we send Buya emails featuring your products to thousands of subscribers.

Includes Google Shopping Ads

We promote your items listed on by purchasing AdWords and running Google Shopping Ads for you— driving consumers to your merchandise listings in real-time.

Promote your brand

Company Branded Sites

Launch your own professional, secure website in minutes. Customers can browse and buy your inventory at anytime, from anywhere.  

Advertise Your Store 24/7

Add your logo, choose your theme, customize colors, fonts, design banners and ads to create a branded online storefront. Plus, you can integrate your social media sites.

Never Miss A Sale

Receive automated notices when you have a pending offer and process all transactions with our secure shopping cart.

custom company branded ecommerce site with Bravo
sell on ebay easily with eBay API integration

reach millions of consumers

eBay API Integration

Bravo is the only industry platform with the complete API eBay integration, so you can list your inventory and start selling on eBay in a matter of minutes.

Deliver a better experience for employees and consumers

Retailers can sell more with automated product listings, while providing stellar customer experience with features like a multi-payment shopping cart.

Streamline your operations

Effectively manage online & in-store omni-channel inventory with features like integrated shipping & customer communications.

sell firearms online

Used Guns is an online marketplace where firearms dealers can list and sell new and used firearms and accessories. Used Guns integrates natively with the Bravo Point of Sale, so you can list inventory online in a matter of seconds, including product images and descriptions.  

With more than 50,000 pieces of inventory listed, Used Guns is one of Bravo's fastest growing online marketplaces, attracting new customers every day.

Integrated eCommerce

Auto list firearms, ammo, accessories, knives, swords, and other sporting good items online for free and with no manual entry.

Lowest Final Value Fee in the Industry

4% final value fee for firearm transactions are the lowest in the industry, leaving more money in your pocket on every sale.

Sell used gun FFL inventory online at
David C loves Bravo's ecommerce integrations

"One of my favorite features is the company-branded website, Buya, and eBay API integration. There isn't a day when somebody doesn't come in and ask to see something they saw online. And we just convert those looks into sales every day."

David C.
Owner at Heartland Pawn and Jewelry
Kimabll loves reaching customers across the country with his Bravo company branded website

"Bravo can set you up with your own company branded website for your products—it is the best thing ever. My local customers get to see what I have for sale or I can ship to anyone in the country.You can list your items on, company branded website, and eBay all at the same time."

Kimbal H.
Owner at First Coast Pawn & More
Ecommerce is invaluable and made easy with Bravo

"Online is invaluable. Every day we have someone walking in our store with their phone showing items they shopped online and are ready to pay for. It has given us an edge over our competition."

Trevor R.
Owner at Evergreen Traders & Digital World
Sell on ebay easily with integrated inventory

"Our favorite feature is the ease of listing to eBay. We can add a new item to the inventory with a photo and list it on eBay within minutes. We also get out of state interest on items quickly once they are listed on"

Taylor P.
Owner at Top Cash Pawn

Out-of-Box eCommerce Features

Bravo's eCommerce solutions are developed with sophisticated functionality and a rich set of built-in product features that enable you to market and sell your inventory on multiple eCommerce sites at the same time, without manual or duplicate entry.

Integrated with Bravo Point of Sale

Your eCommerce sites are fully integrated with your Bravo Point of Sale so you never have to suffer through dual data entry or manual inventory tracking across sites again.

Automated Product Listings

You can list all or individual items on all your eCommerce sites at the same time. Bravo Point of Sale simply pushes the information online.

Automated Photo Upload

Photos of items in your Bravo Point of Sale are automatically included in your online listing.

Automated Product Descriptions

Item descriptions in your Bravo Point of Sale are automatically included in your online listing.

Low Return Rate

Merchants get the highest marks in delivery success. Only 1.75% of the items shipped are ever returned.

Automated Inventory Reconciliation

When you sell an item on any eCommerce site, it is automatically removed from other sites and your inventory.

Pricing Guides

Our estimator helps you determine what an item is worth based on the item’s condition so you can generate strong product listings with competitive pricing.

Real-Time Communication

Negotiate online in real-time with your customers with automatic offer notifications.

Product Suggestions

Display related products to give your shoppers more buying choices relevant to their interests.

Sound Good? We Think So Too.

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Support Tutorials On Demand!

Browse through a sampling of our support tutorials to learn more about our eCommerce solutions, how they integrate with the Bravo Point of Sale, and to see some of our most valuable features in action.