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Say Hello to the Only Point of Sale You’ll Ever Need

No more time-consuming manual work. No more duplicate entry. No more compliance violations caused by human error. No more blind spots. That's the power of Bravo.

#1 Point Of Sale For Specialty Retailers

Thousands of stores use Bravo to manage their in store and online businesses. Bravo equips customers with products to create superior employee and customer experiences, make data-driven business decisions, operate efficiently, compete effectively and improve bottom-line results.

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The First All In One Point of Sale

Bravo Store Systems offers a single platform to run every aspect of your specialty retail business. New and used goods, in store and online sales, guaranteed compliance – all in one place.

Fully Integrated

With Bravo, you manage your entire business in one centralized system. All applications are native. This means no more interruptions to your business because of unstable 3rd party integrations and no more managing multiple vendors.

Wonderfully Automated

Bravo’s software is fast, intuitive and easy for your team to use. Automations replace manual administration work so your team can focus on customers and revenue-generating activities.

bravo point of sale in action on desktop

Better for Customers

Provide a seamless, sophisticated in-store, online and mobile omni-channel experience. Deliver easy, enjoyable and hassle-free engagements with your company across all in-store and online channels.

Better for Employees

Bravo makes workdays easier and more productive. Employees are empowered to make well-informed, data-driven decisions with confidence.

Better for Business

Create capacity to open more stores and break into new markets. Take on new customers, sell through multiple channels, loan on new categories, and better service existing customers, all while reducing overhead.

Bravo ecommerce marketplaces and buya on desktop and mobile

Integrated ecomm & mobile

Reach Customers Anywhere

With fully integrated, omnichannel commerce, your customers can shop your store from anywhere and your inventory stays updated. List inventory on multiple online marketplaces like eBay, your own company branded website, and all in a matter of minutes. Bravo keeps track of what sells online and in store - no more costly manual work to avoid double sales.  

Tackle marketing with text messages to drive foot traffic in store or push customers to shop your online inventory. Bravo's mobile apps also improve customer experience and are powerful tools to increase your sales. And just a reminder - we're talking about doing all this right in your point of sale system.

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bravo's product estimator makes assessing value easy

Increase profit margins

Make More On Used Goods

Take the guesswork out of accepting used goods and make more money on every sale with Bravo’s built in Product Estimator. The Product Estimator guides employees through the process of assessing used goods and determines the worth of the merchandise based on condition.  

Buy, sell and trade at the right price every time with Bravo's built in pricing guide, which uses real-time data so it’s easy to see what items are worth and how they should be priced for online and in-store sales.

See It In Action
Bravo makes conversions from other software like pawnmate, pawnmaster, FFL Boss and more easy

Making the switch

Convert with Confidence

Ready to make the switch? We've never met a software we couldn't convert. To date, our team of experts has successfully executed hundreds of data conversions from fifteen known formats and vendors.  
Once you're ready to roll, we can schedule onsite or virtual trainings, have an extensive library of short, easy to follow video tutorials to get everyone up to speed - even future hires! Up and running and run into a snag? We provide on demand customer support, and proudly maintain an average Customer Satisfaction Score of 95.  

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Operate with Confidence

When you upgrade to Bravo Point of Sale you get more than a new software - you get a partner who works with you and for you every day to make sure you and your team have what you need to wake up happy and seize the day.

99.99% Uptime

With better uptime than Google, Bravo POS is stable, secure and reliable. Have peace of mind that your operations will run smoothly and without costly interruptions.

Complete Compliance

No point of sale provider understands the complexities of compliance more than Bravo. Our team ensures our system is always compliant so you can focus on growing your business.

Clean Conversions

Our experienced conversion team works with you and your previous software vendor to ensure your store, customer and employee data is converted accurately and on time.

Continual Enhancements

Bravo releases new features and functionality 6 to 8 times a year. Core upgrades are included and ensure you always have what you need to stay relevant and run your business better.

Proven Onboarding

Work with our onboarding team to get your Bravo system configured exactly how you want it, your team trained and ready to go live - quickly and easily. Rest easy knowing we've got your compliance configurations covered, too.

Outstanding Support

Our Support Specialists work hard to resolve any issues quickly and accurately. Our support team also loves to talk best practices and technical know-how to help you harness the power of Bravo.

Buy/Sell & Consign
Gun Retailer / FFL


Take care of multiple transaction types at the same time, in a matter of seconds, delivering great employee and customer experience.

Customer Purchases

Equipped with powerful customer analysis and historical information, Bravo helps maximize profit and customer loyalty.

Compliant A&D Book

Easily manage your ATF Acquisition & Disposition (A&D) book in Bravo. It's fully integrated and completely compliant.

Inventory Managment

Manage your entire inventory in one place. Track aged inventory and bulk discount by age, category or both to lift inventory turnover rate.

Vendor Management

Easily add vendors, track inventory levels, log purchase orders, and run reports to ensure you have the right inventory when you need it.

E4473 + Cloud Storage

E4473 puts an end to manual work, reduces liability, and eliminates errors on 4473s. Cloud Storage gets rid of all those paper 4473 forms and stores them in the cloud—making traces and audits faster than ever before.


Assess and determine the worth of every item based on its condition, including jewelry.


Includes flexible terms and robust data. Bravo keeps track of your consignors and customers, including how often they shop with you, how much they spend and what they're buying.

Automated 3310s

Make multiple firearms forms a little easier with automated 3310.4 and 3310.12 report forms.

Loan & Buy Management

Easily manage loans and buys for single or separate tickets.  

Single Transaction

Buy and sell in the same, single transaction. Hold per-buy requirements. Price at the time of purchase, saving time (and money!).

Firearm Transfers

E4473 allows quick and easy third party or private party gun transfers.

Inter-Store Management

Search and transfer inventory between stores. Transfer cash, allow loan and layaways payments at any location and more.

Fully Configurable

Customize tax rules, receipt content, contracts, categories, and security permissions to optimize your operations.

eNICS Integration

NICS eCheck web forms auto populate with E4473 information through Bravo's eNICS Chrome extension.

Sound Good? We Think So Too.

Your new, better way of working starts today.

Support Tutorials On Demand!

Browse through a sampling of our support tutorials to learn more about Bravo Store Systems, to see some of our most valuable features in action, and to check out some of our newest feature releases.