A Point of Sale For Your Business

Because every business is different, Bravo has a variety of POS options to help you take yours where you want it to go. Whether you're a pawnbroker, a firearms dealer or a retailer, we have the point-of-sale software that will best support you and your unique business needs.

built to fit your needs

Fully Configurable

Bravo POS is an out-of-box solution that allows you to easily personalize certain aspects of the platform, without the help of experienced software developers.

Our software is flexible, scalable and can be continually shaped to meet your industry-specific and organization-specific needs.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Updates and enhancements to the POS are free. When we release new features and functionality to the core platform, it's available for you to use immediately.

Always Cutting Edge

With thousands of customers using Bravo's cloud-based software, we receive constant feedback and are able to identify and incorporate the updates that will benefit the most customers possible.

Better for Customers

Provide a seamless, sophisticated in-store, online and mobile omni-channel experience. Deliver easy, enjoyable and hassle-free engagements with your company across all in-store and online channels.

Better for Employees

Bravo makes workdays easier and more productive. Employees are empowered to make well-informed, data-driven decisions with confidence.

Better for Business

Create capacity to open more stores and break into new markets. Take on new customers, sell through multiple channels, loan on new categories, and better service existing customers, all while reducing overhead.

improve productivity

No More Wasted Resources

Everything you need to do your job well lives in one place. All daily tasks, employee communication, customer interactions, marketing campaigns, eCommerce sales, accounting and financial operations, and reporting are performed and managed through a single, integrated platform.

Even the newest employee is productive in a matter of days and managers have confidence that all employees are doing what's best for the business, while providing stellar customer experience.

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Increase visibility

Get Rid Of Blind Spots

In order to manage well, you need the right tools to measure effectively.

Bravo's standard and custom reports provide access to complete, accurate and real-time data sets so that you can track key performance metrics across your entire company, down to the employee level. All your data in one place, all the time.

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Improve your bottom line

Tap Into New Revenue Streams

Native integrations to Bravo's mobile apps and a variety of eCommerce marketplaces enables you to start marketing and selling through new channels in a matter of hours, not weeks or months.

Start emailing, texting and sending push notifications to drive in-store and online traffic. Post all your inventory to eBay, your own company branded site, Usedguns.com and Buya.com in a matter of minutes to increase sales almost immediately.

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Built-In Features For Every Industry

Bravo POS includes out-of-box features, enabling you to go live quickly without incurring expensive custom development costs or sacrificing the critical functionality and dependability that you need.

99.99% Uptime

With better uptime than Google, Bravo POS is stable, secure and reliable. Have peace of mind that your operations will run smoothly and without costly interruptions.

Mobile & eComm Integrations

Increase in-store and online traffic with mobile apps that improve employee and customer experience. Post all your inventory online in a matter of minutes to a variety of online marketplaces.

Robust Reporting

Dive deep into your business with Bravo’s 36 standard reports including employee, store, company, and eCommerce reports. Export reports in 10 different file formats.

Continual Enhancements

Bravo releases new features and functionality 6 to 8 times a year. Core upgrades are included and ensure you always have what you need to stay relevant and run your business better.

Integrated Payments

Collect debit and card payments through a variety of payment processors. Use Bravo's preferred processor for the lowest fees in the industry.

End-to-End Support

We get you up and running quickly with end-to-end implementation and onboarding. Experienced and highly-knowledgeable Support Specialists provide ongoing support and maintain a Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) of 95.

Gun Dealer


Take care of multiple transaction types at the same time, in a matter of seconds, delivering great employee and customer experience.

Customer Purchases

Equipped with powerful customer analysis and historical information, Bravo helps maximize profit and customer loyalty.

Integrated Gun Book

Easily manage your ATF Acquisition & Disposition (A&D) book in Bravo. It's integrated, compliant, and ATF audited.

Inventory Managment

Manage your entire inventory in one place. Track aged inventory and bulk discount by age, category or both to lift inventory turnover rate.

Vendor Management

Simply add vendors, track inventory levels, log purchase orders, and run reports to ensure you have the right inventory when you need it.

E4473 Integration

E4473 is the first 360° digital solution for firearm transactions. E4473's native integration with Bravo POS puts an end to manual work for you and customers, reduces liability, and eliminates errors on 4473s.


Assess and determine the worth of every item based on its condition, including jewelry.

Configurable Back-end

Powerful back-end setup gives you the option to apply tax considerations so your customers get the benefit and only pay tax on the difference.

Price Guide

Access to real-time data that makes it easy to see what items are worth and how they should be priced for in-store and online buying and selling.

Task Manager

Employees see their assigned tasks in real-time and store managers can see what's been completed each day.

Single Transaction

Buy and sell in the same, single transaction. Hold per-buy requirements. Price at the time of purchase, reducing the administrative burden of pricing and locating later.

Firearm Catalog

A complete and accurate product catalog of with all the information consumers are looking are looking for including, product features, descriptions, photos, specs, price, availability, color, customer reviews, and more.

Inter-Store Management

Search and transfer inventory between stores. Transfer cash, allow loan and layaways payments at any location and more.

Fully Configurable

Customize tax rules, receipt content, contracts, categories, and security permissions to optimize your operations.

0% Fee Firearm Marketplace

Usedguns.com integrates natively with the Bravo POS, so you can list inventory online in a matter of seconds, including product images and descriptions. All final value fees for firearm transactions are waived.

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