Top 5 Must-Have Products for Every Firearms Store

As a gun dealer, your inventory is the heart of your business. Beyond the obvious focus on firearms themselves, offering a diverse selection of accessories and essentials is crucial for boosting sales and attracting a wider range of customers. Let's dive into the top 5 must-have products that should be staples in every FFL storefront, along with insights on why they're important.

1. Holsters

A quality holster is an immediate follow-up sale for anyone purchasing a handgun. Offering a variety of holsters caters to different carry styles (IWB, OWB, shoulder rigs, etc.). Consider the most popular handguns on the market and stock holsters accordingly, as well as versatile options like adjustable pancake holsters.

Profit Potential: Holsters offer decent profit margins and create easy add-on sales.

2. Ammunition

Ammo is the lifeblood of firearms. Stock a wide range of popular calibers for both handguns and rifles. Offer different options – from budget-friendly practice rounds to premium self-defense loads. Don't forget about less common calibers for enthusiast customers.

Profit Potential: Ammunition is a recurring revenue source, especially with ongoing shortages making it even more desirable.

3. Cleaning Supplies and Tools

Proper gun maintenance is essential for safety and longevity. Stock cleaning kits, solvents, oils, bore snakes, and specialized tools for popular firearm platforms (AR-15, Glock, etc.). Educate customers on the importance of routine cleaning for optimal firearm performance.

Profit Potential: Cleaning supplies are smaller purchases but essential for any gun owner, making them reliable revenue generators.

4. Magazines

Extra magazines are always in demand. Keep a healthy stock of magazines for popular firearms on hand. This is another easy add-on sale, especially for customers buying their first gun, who may not think to purchase additional mags right away.

Profit Potential: Offer bundle deals with firearm purchases to boost sales of multiple magazines at once.

5. Optics

From red dots and holographic sights, to scopes for hunting or long-range shooting, optics represent a significant upgrade for many firearm platforms. Carry beginner-friendly options to high-end optics for experienced shooters, catering to different budgets.

Profit Potential: While the initial investment in higher-end optics is greater, they offer solid profit margins and appeal to the expanding customer base of precision and sport shooters.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Remember, market trends and your local customer base will influence your inventory choices. Keep an eye on popular new firearms and ensure you have compatible accessories. Offer a mix of value and premium brands to cater to different budgets. Building strong relationships with your distributors is crucial for securing in-demand products. Bravo Point of Sale is integrated with many major vendor catalogs such as Lipsey’s, RSR, Sports South and Zanders. Want to hear more? Talk to sales.