Empower In-Store Managers and Staff

Bravo is simple to learn and designed with your employees in mind. Give your team the most powerful tool that will maximize profitability, improve customer experience, and boost productivity.

From 1 to 100+ stores

Manage More Stores Easier

Scale your business like never before. Bravo's multi-store platform was built to grow with your business.

Scale At Your Own Pace

Whether you're looking to take a single store to two, or looking to branch out in multiples states, cities, and countries, Bravo has done it all.

Deploy Without Delays

Adding new stores, features, products or services is no sweat. Take a new store online in less than one business day.

Span of control

Central Command Center

Bravo empowers administrators and owners to operate multiple locations through a central dashboard where you can configure, update, and make changes to your store operations and employee access.

Set Permissions

Bravo's multi-store point of sale gives you the ability to set permissions and limits for all your staff across multiple stores with ease.

Make Real-Time Adjustments

Manage your team's permission in real-time. As you hire, train, and retain employees, you can remotely adjust transaction types, discount levels, and administrative task access.

sleep well at night

Dependability You Can Trust

Bravo is built on the most sophisticated tech stack in the industry and we're proud to employ some of the brightest and most experienced software developers and engineers to create, monitor and manage our software.

Bravo is built with Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) on a Microsoft .NET architecture, along with Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Stress Tested & Audited

Bravo Platform has been stress tested with 3,000+ stores and has gone through rigorous 3rd-party audits.

99.99% Uptime

With an uptime better than Google, you can rest assured that you're always up and running, with nearly zero risk of downtime.

"When acquiring our third store, we found transitioning with Bravo to be far easier than what I’d experienced while using our previous pawn shop software. It’s very modern over the traditional server base. Really light years ahead.”

Michael K.
Owner at Santa Monica Jewelry & Loan

"Call me. Now that I have switched from our other provider, I wish I would have done it sooner. This is the next step if you're wanting to grow to the next level. If you're not uncomfortable, you're not going to see growth."

Brian G.
Owner at Tom's Pawn

"I appreciate that Bravo's Founder, Steve Mack, was a pawnshop owner. He knows what he’s doing. Keep up the ideas and changes Bravo!"

Phil D.
Owner at Ketchum Pawn

"We wanted to find something that was dynamic, something that would create opportunity for us, something that was scalable as we grew our business, and something that would make doing business very easy. What we discovered is that Bravo checks all those boxes and then some. If you want to run multiple locations, you have to be on the Bravo system. There’s nothing that compares."

Mark J.
Owner at TNT Pawn

Out-Of-Box Key Features

Bravo Platform includes a robust built-in feature set that enables your multiple stores to go live quickly without incurring expensive development and deployment costs.

Inter-Store Inventory Search

Equip employees with the tools to quickly search for inventory across all locations by category, location, cost, brand and more.

Store-To-Store Transfers

Transfer a single item or a batch with no uploading and downloading required. Bravo's task manager keeps track of batches to receive.

Inter-Store Loan & Layaway Payments

Provide excellent customer experience by allowing customers to make loan and layaways payments from any store location.

Shared Customers

Provide a consistent customer experience across all locations by giving employees access to customer profiles and history.

Global Remote Access

Manage your business from anywhere in real time with remote access to all business operations.

Company-Wide Reports

See your stores' key performance indicators lined up side-by-side so you can see which stores are thriving and which need your attention.


Offer multiple types of regulations automatically by dollar amount or category to provide a tailored experience depending on your customer.


Allow employees to run Bravo in a language of their choosing including, US English, UK English, Mexico/LATAM Spanish, Castilian Spanish and Swedish

Inter-Store Cash Transfers

Never miss an opportunity to make a loan or purchase. Transfer cash from one location to another any time of day and any day of the week.

Sound Good? We Think So Too.

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Support Tutorials On Demand!

Browse through a sampling of our support tutorials to learn more about our multi-store platform and to see some of our most valuable built-in features in action.