One Platform. More Commerce.

Built on the industry's most sophisticated tech stack, Bravo Platform is an intuitive, flexible, and scalable enterprise platform that enables businesses to adapt quickly, grow rapidly, and operate profitably.

Built for visibility

Improve Span Of Control

Bravo's architecture is built to support the complex operations and unique needs of enterprise organizations.

From a single data warehouse, you can manage all areas of the business including, operations, accounting, audit, revenue, eCommerce, HR, marketing, mobile, corporate and APIs.

Flexible Data Configurations

Engineered to allow centralization and decentralization of data by store so you can control the level of information access down to the employee level.

Extensive, Global Reporting

Robust reporting provides real-time visibility into store, channel, and company performance, as well as employee performance and profitability.

Built for sustainability

Scale Quickly

Time is money and every day spent waiting to implement a new application or go live in a new market is money down the drain.

Our flexible schema enables you to implement new products and channels in a matter of hours. Launch Bravo products into new stores, new markets, and new products in a matter of weeks or days.

Natively-Integrated Applications

Easily add-on integrated mobile and eCommerce applications without waiting days, weeks, or months to implement.

International Localization

Bravo's global architecture and built-in enterprise feature set, enables international localization in 30 to 90 days.

Built for dependability

Operate With Confidence

Bravo is built on the most sophisticated tech stack in the industry and we're proud to employ some of the brightest and most experienced software developers and engineers to create, monitor and manage our software.

Bravo is built with Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) on a Microsoft .NET architecture, along with Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Azure Cloud.

99.99% Uptime

With an uptime better than Google, you can rest assured that you're always up and running, with nearly zero risk of downtime.

Stress Tested & Audited

The Bravo Platform has been stress tested with 3,000+ stores and has gone through rigorous 3rd-party audits.

"All of the employees at all of our locations picked up on Bravo with in a few days. You can really tell this software was written for a PAWNBROKER, by a PAWNBROKER. The entire Team at Bravo, from the top to bottom, has been awesome to work with."

Bryce J.
Manager at Dan's Discount Jewelry

"I especially enjoy the fact that we can easily look up customers from each of our stores regardless of location. Being able to transfer inventory from one store to another is an extremely time saving feature!"

Jimmy R.
Owner at Max Money Pawn

"We have been using Bravo for our 5 location chain for a few years now. In terms of functionality and ease of use for our staff, 5 star rating. In terms of speed and quality of service requests, 5 stars. We always receive same day service."

Kent B.
Owner at RWC Inc.

"We have 4 locations and switched to Bravo over year ago. Hands down one of the best decisions we made as a company. Bravo is constantly coming up with new ways to improve and the customer service is always top notch."

Brian G.
VP at Tom's Pawn Shop

Out-Of-Box Enterprise Features

Bravo Platform includes built-in enterprise features, enabling your multiple stores and brands to go live quickly without incurring expensive customer development costs or sacrificing critical functionality for your enterprise business.

Configurable By Store

Run each store the best way you see fit with flexible configuration options down to the employee level.

Company-Wide Reporting

Measure, monitor and manage performance across the entire company with robust ad hoc and custom reporting.

Global Remote Access

Manage your business from anywhere in real time with remote access to all business operations.

Inter-Store Loan & Layaway Payments

Provide excellent customer experience by allowing customers to make loan and layaway payments at any store location.

Inter-Store Inventory Search & Transfers

Equip employees with the tools to quickly search for inventory across all locations and transfer inventory between locations. Includes automatic inventory reconciliation.

Inter-Store Cash Transfers

Never miss an opportunity to provide a loan. Transfer cash from one location to another any time of day and any day of the week.

Customer Sharing

Provide a consistent customer experience across all locations by giving all employees access to customer profiles and history.


Operate efficiently across states without manual management of state regulations and tax laws.


Buy, sell and trade in a variety of currencies including, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Peso, Pound and Kroner​.

Multi-Loan Offerings

Offer competitive terms to customers by providing a variety of loan options and tiers.

Multi-Regulation & Tax

Stay compliant with Bravo's built-in management of state or country regulations and tax laws.


Allow employees to run Bravo in a language of their choosing including, US English, UK English, Mexico/LATAM Spanish, Castilian Spanish and Swedish.

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