Virginia Premier Pawn doesn’t just raise the standard of the pawn industry for customers – they’re pushing the boundaries of their own growth and success. At Bravo, we too know something about taking care of our customers!

Customer retention made easy

We understand the value of good communication. Bravo’s mobile app makes that easy for both you and your customers.

“Bravo Pawn Solutions helped the most with customer retention with their user and text interface. It was really easy to reach out to customers and get them back in the store when most of us were losing our loan balances. And then on top of that, Bravo has a very up-to-date and user-friendly app that allowed all of our customers to make mobile payments, shop with us, make their layaway payments and contact us with any questions that they needed.”

Understanding your business needs better

No one knows the pawn industry better than Bravo – which is why we’ve developed the tools to help you get what you want out of your business.  

“Since using Bravo, I definitely realized we were leaving a lot of money on the table. Bravo helps you really dive deep into your KPIs, so I have a much greater understanding of all my numbers.”  

Five-star customer service

“Their customer service is excellent. It’s really easy to escalate a case if you have any problems. You can go right on your user interface and open the case up and they’ll reach out to you almost immediately. The customer service team is excellent – I would definitely give Bravo five stars.”

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