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The foundation of a good life lived is rooted from good intentions in your endeavors and doing right by others. We all make mistakes, some greater than others, but it is how we learn from those mistakes that drives our future.

Samuel Reading of Sam’s Locker in Boise instilled this core fundamental within each transaction. Sam’s Locker’s customers love the store because of its “great staff and great prices.” Their Facebook Reviews are full of happy customers boasting the pawnshops amazing customer service, respect, and huge selection.

Choosing Bravo

“Bravo is the best system ever! The software is amazing, and the customer service is very responsive. The technology is cutting edge and fully integrated. Bravo evolves with the changing industry.”

Bravo even drives customer into his business increasing door swings, sales, and loans.

“My customers shop my branded Buya website online then come in and buy in the store. It helps get people in the door. It’s also very important that Bravo works smoothly by keeping the queue going. Each day managers are updated with what needs to be done so the system keeps them on track.”

Training Employees on a New Software

Hiring and training new employees in the pawn industry doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Bravo was developed by a pawnbroker with the end user in mind offering a suite of training options.

“It’s easy to train new employees. Bravo is easy to learn. I didn’t even need any additional training to learn the system.”

Favorite Feature

Sam’s Locker utilizes many of the tools Bravo offers that are designed to make life easier. From the Task Manager, which keeps employees on track to the Company Branded website that  drives traffic through his  front doors every day. One of Sam’s favorite features is fundamental to the business.

“My favorite feature is loan management. When loans are due it reminds me to notify the people. More loans are paid by using this feature.”

Sam easily reminds his customers by text message, a push notification to MobilePawn (the pawn industry’s first mobile app), e-mail, or old school by picking up the phone.

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