Bravo: Designed with your growth in mind

Prestige Pawnbrokers, the stars of Channel 4 hit documentary series “Posh Pawn,” have seen tremendous growth in their business over the years – and needed a system that could keep up. Enter: Bravo’s point of sale program.

“We were looking for a scalable flexible system which would grow and meet our front-end and back-end needs as the business grows over the coming years.”

Providing excellent service to your internal and external customers

Whether your stakeholders walk through the front door or sit in a board room, Bravo helps business owners put their best foot forward, always.

“The experience that we give to our customers is first-class. It’s terrific. Part of that is due to the speedy quick and responsive software we have, which is Bravo. We report regularly to the management team all of what I think are the key metrics. Things like that are all now fully accessible through Bravo with a touch of a few clicks.”  

Internationally compatible and adaptable

“In the pawn broking industry, there are some differences between how the U.S. operates and how we operate in the UK, therefore there was a big disconnect between the software written for the U.S. market and what we needed. And we have fortunately, with the team on Bravo’s end, have crossed that divide. So the reporting we get in the UK mirrors the things that happen in the UK.”

A final word

“Would I recommend Bravo to pawnbrokers in the UK? Yes I would. Yes I would. Bravo was the right choice for Prestige Pawn Brokers.”

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