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Poly Pawn & Jewelry can help when you need a loan, need to pawn, need to sell, or find a deal. Poly Pawn has the best deals on car audio, flat screens, smart televisions, gold, silver and much more.

Easily Train New Employees

We use product photos and clear information to train your employees quickly. JR Barragan of Poly Pawn & Jewelry saw how easy training on Bravo is first hand.

“My cashiers learned in a week.”

We’ll get your team up and running on Bravo fast to save you time and money.

Customer Support You Can Count On

We care about our customers as much as you care about yours, so we offer world-class customer support. Call us anytime for emergency support or utilize one of our many other online help tools to get the answers you need.

"Bravo Support is always ready to help and are quick to answer questions.”

Favorite Bravo Feature

The Bravo Estimator is one of our most popular tools. It uses the Bravo Price Guide Index to help you know what to price, loan, buy, trade, and consign.

"The Estimator helps to save time. I like Bravo so much more than my last software.”

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