About Our Customer

Pelican Pawn is a full service, family-owned and operated pawnshop that has been in business for over 25 years. They have a retail store atmosphere with negotiable discount prices. They believe prices were born here and raised down the street. They loan money on anything of value.

Why Bravo Instead Of PawnMaster

Chase Sharp of Pelican Pawn was new to the pawn business when he started considering Bravo. As a big tech fan and recent ISU graduate, he was comparing Bravo Platform to PawnMaster and found it much easier to use with great reporting features and a strong eBay integration, making it an easy decision to use over PawnMaster.

Awesome Customer Service

Bravo prides itself on its customer service and Sharp has seen it at its best.

“Anything I need, I call. Bravo is always happy to help me out, and if they can’t answer my question, they send it to someone who can, and they always give me a call back right away.”

Favorite Bravo Features

The Estimator is a flexible tool that allows employees to easily assess and determine what an item is worth based on its condition.

“It helps my employees out a lot and it takes a load off of me. I like that I can go to eBay and Google without having to open a new window, and how easy it is to train new employees on the system."

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