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Patriot Gun & Pawn, the LaProva family owned and operated pawnshop in Seminole, Florida, has instilled in their business a deep and abiding love for this great country and are inspired to uphold the values of our forefathers.

Patriot Gun & Pawn deal with every single one of their customers using those same values: honesty, integrity, and fairness. Since 2013, Patriot Gun & Pawn has been buying, loaning, and selling a wide selection of items from shotguns, to stereos, to hard-to-find tools.

Compete With Large Stores

Bravo focuses on the pawnbrokers’ priorities: amazing customer service, reliable technology, and innovation that advances the pawn industry.

“Bravo’s Customer Service is world-class. They are timely, responsive, and they care about what the store owners say. Using Bravo as a single-store operator, it gives us the technological advantage of a 1,000-store corporation. We knew that Bravo was a great partner and they’ve never let us down.”

Favorite Feature

Bravo is designed to generate more dollars to the pawn brokers bottom line. Thanks to the General Estimator, Jewelry Estimator, and Scrap Process, hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra profit are earned by customers every year.

Suzanne’s favorite features are the Estimator, Reloans, and the Scrap Process.

“The use of the data storage for all the stores around the country that use Bravo make the Estimator a powerful tool. Reloans are a breeze. A few clicks and we’ve got a happy customer walking out with cash in hand. Bravo makes managing scrap easy and the scrap process is a wonderful tool."

Easily Train Employees

“Bravo is incredibly easy to use. The home screen has a one glance look at all the tasks for the day.”

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