For over 36 years, Oxford Pawnshop has been helping and servicing customers in Oxford, MS. Dallas loves the daily interaction with his customers – and Bravo helps him stay connected.  

Creating the go-to app for a go-to pawn shop

“The mobile app let me take payments remotely, and it was really easy for my customers to take advantage of because all I had to do was send a link to their cell phone.”

Service you can rely on

Dallas used PawnMaster for 6 years before switching to Bravo, and admits that it can be nerve-wracking to change systems. But we made sure his conversion was smooth – and that we’d be there for his business every single day.  

“I’ve been on Bravo for a little over two years now and I’ve never been down, not one day, with Bravo.”  

Staying one step ahead of your needs

Our team knows that technology moves fast, which is why we work hard to keep Bravo up to date.  

“My employees love Bravo because it’s such a forward-thinking company. My software company before this had no updates in about six years and I had multiple updates with Bravo. It makes me think they’re always trying to push the envelope, stay on top of the technology...5-stars, no problem!”

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