Bravo Pawn Software: The Future of Pawn Management

Pawn shop owner Jason Sheffield recently switched to Bravo Point of Sale and shared his thoughts on how it has transformed the way he and his team do business.


Here's what Jason had to say about why he loves Bravo and which features are his favorite.

"The number one reason why I chose to move over to Bravo is that freedom and flexibility of the cloud based software, but specifically the MobilePawn app. My customers can check on their pawns or layaways, and pay at the touch of a button at any time."

Bravo's cloud-based platform and mobile app allow customers to manage their pawns and layaways remotely 24/7. This convenience engages customers and enables shops to collect payments even when closed. With mobile access becoming expected, the app gives shops a competitive edge and provides a superior customer experience. The mobile app delights customers according Sheffield:

"Customer feedback on MobilePawn has been great because it's a way we can differentiate. If our competitor down the road does not have Bravo, then we automatically have a leg up."

Sheffield also praises Bravo's integrated E4473 and A&D books for firearms transactions. By replacing paper files with digital records, Bravo minimizes mistakes during audits and maintains flawless ATF compliance.

"Having that digital aspect and having it incorporated and integrated into Bravo is very, very good. Our previous software didn't allow for really reduces [human errors] to almost zero."

Finally, Sheffield highlights Bravo's excellent customer support:

"Their support team has been great. From the onboarding process to any kind of needs I've had, working with Bravo has been great."

For pawnshops looking to revolutionize operations, compliance, and customer service, Bravo Point of Sale is the point of sale solution for the future.


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