About Our Customer

Jarrod McClung began working in the pawn business in 1990 in Nevada overseeing 5 pawnshops as the General Manager. Throughout the years, Jarrod gained extensive knowledge on buying, selling and exhibiting jewelry.

In 2005, Jarrod purchased his first pawnshop with the goal to give each and every customer the personal attention they deserve. Today, Mr. Pawn has four stores and is the premier pawnshop in Nevada and Arizona. They are “The Average Man’s Bank”.

Stay Connected With Remote Access

We make it easy for you to stay connected to your shops.

“My favorite feature is being able to access all my stores from anywhere I have internet. As an owner that is a big advantage. Whether I’m on vacation or at a different location, I can log on and see real-time activity. The consolidation report module at the end of the day tells me everything I need to know for each shop. Bravo helps me keep track of my stores.”

Easily Train New Employees

“Bravo is fairly easy to learn and user-friendly. The software works for all practical purposes. New employees catch on quickly and it’s an easy system compared to others. It guides you when you start to use it.”

Parting Words

We don’t just want our software to be a tool – we want it to be an industry advantage.

“Bravo has benefited my company and business. We can feature products online and are able to easily access our other store inventory. It has helped to improve our overall business.”

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