About Our Customer

Loan Star Pawn and Pawn$mart is a Florida-based company and provides shoppers with a broad assortment of ever-changing inventory. The only thing that stays the same is low prices.  

Choosing Bravo

Before switching to Bravo, Fred was looking to solve a problem that he felt other software he looked at couldn’t solve.

“The industry is changing and evolving towards more technology and more internet sales. I was searching for an answer that would help facilitate my business in the future.”

After hearing about what Bravo could do, he decided, “it was a fit for us, one hundred percent.”

eCommerce Made Easy

The greatest advantage Fred has found after making the switch is Bravo’s eBay integration. This has allowed him to make inventory available both in-store and online at the same time while keeping inventory accurately tracked. With Bravo’s eBay integration, if an item sells on eBay, Bravo tracks it as sold. And likewise, if an item sells in the store, it’s removed from eBay automatically.

Better Employee Experience

“Bravo has made my job easier because it is able to guide employees through the process of a pawn easier than other software I’ve seen."

The Estimator and Customer Loyalty features gives his newer employees a guideline, while also enabling experienced employees to reward loyal customers with better loan amounts

Praise for Bravo

Fred says that if a shop called him and asked why they should switch to Bravo, he would tell them:

“You want to align yourself with Bravo because they’re a technology that is ever-evolving and getting better. Their philosophy is about self-improvement.”

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