Shawn at J&S Pawn and Guns was skeptical about new technology at first – but Bravo’s reliability and customer service proved that change can be good for business.

New technology? No problem.

Shawn was skeptical about whether a newer software solution would be right for his business, but he decided to take a bet on Bravo – and it paid off.  

“Everybody was scared of change and technology. I’ve been on Bravo for a little over two years and I’ve never been a day down. It’s just been awesome.”

Reaching customers with confidence, no matter where you are

Even if Shawn was sold, would his customers like the program too? The answer is yes.  

“I’m from a small town, I didn’t think the whole texting thing would do well. But it did awesome and it helped a lot – I was able to reach my customers. I’d say, with the mobile phone app they could make payments and keep everybody in touch.”  

Bravo takes care of everyone

“I have very little issues in general, but if I have something I need to change or am trying to figure out, you just put in a case number and in just a few minutes they’re calling you up. Everybody’s just been super nice. If there’s a big issue, give them a call. They always answer and I honestly think that’s from the owners -- the way they treat their employees great – and it just flows down.”

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