Gold N Pawn has been serving the southern Indiana area since 2013. Gold N Pawn was a Bravo customer in 2015, but switched to PawnMaster. They returned to being Bravo customers again in 2021.

Why Gold N Pawn decided to switch back to Bravo

Gold N Pawn owner Dane Fox says that the pandemic forced his business to adjust to doing more things online—and he knew he needed a point of sale that could keep up.  

“The pandemic really got me thinking because there was fear of things shutting down. We’ve traditionally just done things in-store, like taking payments,” said Fox.  “We were on Podium with PawnMaster but it was expensive and required a lot of manual work. I knew we needed to make a switch to something more automated. I was familiar with MobilePawn so I started taking a look at Bravo again."

Making the switch wasn’t an easy first

Although Fox had used Bravo before, he was certain there would be things he’d miss from his old system. However, that just wasn’t the case.  

“It was scary thinking about making a change. We were used to PawnMaster so I thought there would be things we’d miss about their system, but it hasn't played out that way. I don't really miss anything about PawnMaster.”  

It’s easy to get caught up in comparing systems by their prices, but in reality—Bravo and PawnMaster just aren’t on the same level. For Fox, the benefits more than outweighed the costs.  

“I was also concerned that the price might be too high, but I see that time is money. There are so many things Bravo does for me that saves me so much time and headaches. I'm definitely coming out ahead. I have no hesitations now.”

Bravo is constantly improving

Bravo’s vision is to always continue innovating and improving on our products and services. This was apparent to Fox as he onboarded back with Bravo:

“A lot has changed since we had Bravo back in 2015. There were some things I did not like before. You've listened to customer feedback and fixed those things,” said Fox.

All customers—new and old—receive white glove customer service from Bravo

“Coming back was a breeze. Everything was spelled out clearly and perfectly by Kulie, my Bravo Sales rep. The sales process was a great experience. Kulie is great. She was really helpful in getting me to sign. I'm glad she's on your team. I was very impressed with the Onboarding and Training teams right away. It was so organized. I knew when everything was scheduled and who I was going to be talking to."  
“Now, when I submit cases to Support, you are very quick to get back to me. We get something resolved. I always feel like I'm getting the support I need. Kudos to that."
“All my employees that were used to using PawnMaster definitely like Bravo now. It was a big change for them but they love that Bravo reduces the amount of manual work they have to do. We also just hired someone that came from a DOS-based system and he loves Bravo!”

Dane’s favorite features

  • MobilePawn: I love the flexibility in MobilePawn – that customers can pay any amount toward their loan without having to come into the store. And the customer gets messages about how their payments impact their remaining balance, eliminating any confusion for them. I also love the layaway interface.
  • Reporting: I can access reports from anywhere at any time. I don't have to worry about running reports at end of day like I did with PawnMaster.
  • Multi-store functionality: I can be anywhere and access either store. With PawnMaster I had to get someone to remote me in. It was a huge manual task that I had to take on.
  • Fortis Integration: The integration is solid. I get an automated email with every terminal's batch out. Fees are great. I’m definitely saving money there.  
  • E4473: This is an awesome feature. I'm so glad we have this. 90% of our customers absolutely love E4473. If they don't at first, they love it afterwards. And, for our customers who still prefer manual, Bravo allows us to bypass the digital form.

Bravo is unmatched. We promise you’ll come back.

“One of the things I love about Bravo is the willingness to listen to customers. Keep doing what you're doing and listening to customer feedback. Changes come out often. No other software vendor is doing that! You guys change all the time and listen to customers. Please keep listening to your customers. I think that's unmatched.”
“Switching to Bravo has been one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. It has really made being a pawnbroker fun again.”

Dane Fox is one of the pawnbrokers and business owners that can definitively compare PawnMaster and Bravo—because he’s experienced them both! And so can you—sign up for a demo today and see how Bravo can make running your business easier and smoother.  

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