About Our Customer

GNT Jewelry and Loan was born from the concept of providing great customer service while giving customers a place to shop for items that are clean, organized and above all, a great value. Although GNT Jewelry and Loan has only been open since 2013, they’ve been doing business a lot longer.

Owners Tom and Greg, along with their employees, have over 40 combined years of experience and are southern Wisconsin’s most experienced crew! They strive to meet all customers’ needs while maintaining a safe, organized, and value-based store.

Choosing Bravo

Point-of-sale software can be a substantial investment, but Bravo doesn’t want cost to keep you from using the best software for your pawn business.

Tom at GNT found Bravo’s pricing a huge advantage over our competitors when choosing a software for his startup.

“Bravo is at a price point that everyone can afford. There are limited costs for software and cloud-based information storage, so if your business gets compromised, you can be set back up in minutes.”

Free Upgrades Keep You Relevant

“This software gets better and better with each update. Bravo has very good customer service and follows-up to all questions with informative answers.”

Final Thoughts

“Bravo is the best Pawn software in the Universe! No really! Try it and you will like it, I promise! I have been in the pawn business 25 years and this software is leading the pack.”

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