About Our Customer

Since 1997, Fat Pocket Pawn has been serving the residents of North Versailles and Pittsburgh with quality pawn brokerage.  They sell new and used items for every occasion and offer deals for gold, jewelry, coins, and collectibles at fair prices.  Their services are both certified and licensed.

Easily Train Employees

When Bravo acquired CompuPawn, existing CompuPawn customers moved over to the Bravo Pawn software platform. Doug Kerchner of Fat Pocket Pawn has found that the more he uses it, the more he knows Bravo.

"Training new employees on Bravo has been a breeze."

Easy And Convenient To Use

Despite the learning curve from switching software platforms, overall Kerchner has found Bravo easy to use. His favorite features? The Bravo Task Manager! The different notifications like loan and layaway pop-ups, police report pop-ups and reminder notices.

"I really like the dashboard and that we don't have to switch screens to buy and sell. Bravo is all about convenience."

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