About This Customer

Farmington’s Pawn & Gift Shop provides the buying, selling and trading of everything you could need. Whether you are interested in antiques, buying a musical instrument, selling jewelry or trading an old DVD for a new one, Farmington’s Pawn & Gift Shop offers the best in selection and prices. They also offer jewelry repairs on the spot.

Choosing Bravo

Sometimes software becomes outdated, you outgrow it, or it was never what you wanted to begin with.

Jeff Armantrout of Farmington’s Pawn & Gift Shop understands that.

“I was looking for a different system. My old system didn’t do what I wanted it to do. It was outdated, and I wanted an upgrade. On Bravo, I can take pictures of what I have. If I have to find it later, I know what it looks like. Jewelry is especially easy to find with pictures.”

Bravo can help fill the gaps you had with your old software and then some.

Hassle-Free Workdays With Bravo

It’s hard to just pick one! Armantrout has a few.

“I like that I can scan a ticket for an item and it pulls it right up. It tells me everything I need to know about that item. Also, with Buya I can easily put stuff for sale online right away.”
“I like scanning customers in to see how they are. I have a better relationship with my customers because of this.”

Words of Advice

“Bravo isn’t hard to learn. You just have to walk your way around and you’ll figure it out.”

Are you ready? 👉 Let’s work together!

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