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Since 1994, Digital World & Evergreen Traders has specialized in helping people get relief from financial stress by providing non-recourse collateral loans. They also help reduce waste and consumption by facilitating the re-use of goods within the community.

Owner of Evergreen Traders & Digital World, Trevor Rivett, made the switch to Bravo as part of the CompuPawn transition. After the Bravo tech team converted everything over exactly how he wanted, he and his team started using the software and quickly discovered that MobilePawn and Company Branded website are their favorite features.

Seamless Operations With Integrations

“We like how our website and their Company Branded site is integrated with the Bravo’s point-of-sale, e-Commerce and mobile platform. That was a key thing for me in deciding to keep Bravo versus switching over to PawnMaster when CompuPawn was acquired.”

Another favorite feature is integration of Bravo’s  text messaging and ad hoc reports.

How Bravo Is Impacting Business

Rivett believes that online is invaluable. Between the additional foot traffic and increased online sales, Evergreen Traders has seen a positive impact on their business from implementing Bravo’s digital tools.

“Every day we have someone walking in our store with their phone showing items they shopped online and are ready to pay for.”

By using a light box they purchased to take great photos of their inventory and posting it on the MobilePawn app, they’ve found those items sell 90% of the time. It has given them an edge over their competition whom they feel are “way behind the times.”

Outstanding Service and Support

Rivett has found training with Bravo straightforward, the system relatively intuitive, and the Solution Center a great resource. He has also been impressed with the speed Bravo development is adding features.

“If I was to tell another pawnshop what system to use right now, it would be Bravo.”

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