Why Capital Pawn Chooses Bravo for Scalable Growth

With 9 locations across two states, Capital Pawn knows a thing or two about managing a growing pawn shop operation. Owner Adam Anundi has relied on Bravo as their software platform since 2013 to optimize management and scale intelligently. He shares key reasons why Bravo is the right fit.

Anundi highlights Bravo's Reporting Pro capabilities as a standout feature. The detailed reporting allows for informed, nimble decision making to boost profitability.

"My favorite Bravo feature is Bravo Reporting Pro because I'm a data and analytics guy. I can look up what my business is doing any second of any day to see trends and where my business is going."

Bravo's E4473 solution for firearm transactions is another game changer according to Anundi. By digitizing this critical paperwork, Bravo minimizes mistakes and maintains flawless ATF compliance across all locations.

"Bravo E4473 allows the process to go through with a lot fewer human errors and it allows us to make sure that a majority of the stuff we're doing is 100 percent."

The Bravo MobilePawn app also enables 24/7 customer access and remote collections. This convenience keeps customers engaged while allowing Capital Pawn to generate revenue anytime.

"MobilePawn is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...so our stores are always open. People can pay their layaways from mobilePawn."

Anundi emphasizes that Bravo's innovation and forward-thinking development is key to how the software helps his business scale and grow profitably.

"Bravo is always adapting...They're listening to our critiques and needs. They're coming out with new updates all the time."

For multi-location operators like Capital Pawn seeking to maximize profitability through smart expansion, Bravo provides the reporting insight, compliance reliability, and scalability needed to succeed.

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