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Santa Monica Jewelry and Loan is a family-owned pawn shop in the famed, sunny Southern California beach town that shares its name. President and CEO Michael Klass made the switch to Bravo’s pawn shop management software after finding himself “never entirely satisfied” with competitor products.

Visibility With Bravo

“What we found was really nice about Bravo was its openness and willingness to listen to clients relative to changes and updates within the industry. Versatility, accessibility, and store functionality have represented a great value for us. Plus, I can see what stores are doing in real time.”

Transitioning From An Old System

Michael had particular praise for Bravo’s assistance in helping them transition from the old pawn shop management system that wasn’t meeting the needs of his business.

“Transition is never easy,” he said. “But Bravo has always been able and available to help. Initially, I had some issues with data conversion, but Bravo was very accessible, and did their best to take care of it.”

Advice to Pawnbrokers Considering Bravo

“It’s simple. It offers versatility, access to store-wide data, and we don’t have the hassle or cost of maintaining an on-site server or undergoing manual updates."
“I also appreciate the ability to access data in real time. Being on the cloud is a big benefit.”

Michael also found that Bravo’s systems were easily scalable when they acquired the third location.

“When acquiring our third store, we found transitioning with Bravo to be far easier than what I’d experienced while using our previous pawn shop software. It’s very modern over the traditional server base. Really light years ahead.”

Bravo’s advanced pawn shop management solutions have helped keep Santa Monica Jewelry and Loan stay ahead of the unique demands of an ever-changing industry.

“The team is there to get your business up to speed, and serve the industry in a way that hasn’t been done before.”

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