Businesses need to adapt to survive

Bayou Pawn & Jewelry is a multi-generational, multi-store pawn shop – so they know their stuff. Chase Rainey, owner, recognized that in order to succeed, his business needed to adapt.  

“For a lot of pawn shops, the biggest problem today is that they’re not adapting – their inventory isn’t online, they’re not selling online, they’re not taking payments online."

Change is natural, but Bravo makes it easier

Chase knows his customers would prefer to shop from the comfort of their own homes, and he needed to shift his business model. That’s why he switched to Bravo’s point-of-sale platform, with MobilePawn added in.  

“Bravo has definitely helped us out. [Bravo POS] makes it very easy for your employees to take pictures of things, to list it online, to sell it online. Bravo is a fantastic job of making it very seamless and very easy, not just for the owners to look at it and do it, but for the pawnbrokers and their employees to be trained do it.”

The proof is in the redemption ratio

Chase knows that the change was worth it – and the proof is in the numbers. It’s easier to reach his customers and take payments right away. It’s a win for the customer – and a win for the store.

“I know that our redemption ratios have gone up, and I know that I’m getting more payments now because people are able to pay. And when we call them and say, ‘Hey, your pawn’s past due, your layaway’s past due,’ they’re able to pay online right there and we don’t have to beg them to come into the store. It’s just ‘Hey, just pick up your phone, I’m going to send you this link, make the payment right now.’'"

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