About Our Customer

American Pawn and Gun is a family owned pawnshop and gun store located in Monroe, North Carolina.

Owner, Greg Fowler is proud that his team of pawn brokers are knowledgeable about high end gemstone and diamond jewelry. American Pawn and Gun sells, pawns, and buys a variety of items including electronics, firearms and accessories, gold, diamonds, and silver jewelry.

“We don’t just sell firearms. We love them. We won’t carry anything we wouldn’t shoot,” says Greg, who has been in the industry for more than 15 years.

Making The Switch To Bravo

With so many other pawn software companies in the market, Greg began his search by first finding a pawn program that would help him manage his store more efficiently.

Bravo’s streamlined processes, omni-channel commerce and task manager were all factors in his decision.

“I chose Bravo because it integrates my e-commerce, inventory control, and employee “to-do list,” which ensures my shop is being run more efficiently. Plus, I love that the MobilePawn App makes it easier for my customers to keep track of their loans and pay on them.”

Continual Development With Bravo

Quality customer service and continued product development is a must,.

"Bravo goes above and beyond ensuring questions and/or issues are not only addressed, but resolved. Bravo is constantly developing and updating the software based on customer feedback. It’s exceptional! No other software company does this. Not even the ones that cost double or triple of what Bravo does.”

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