Albert’s Pawn is a multi-store, multi-city and multi-generational legacy in Tennessee – since 1927! Zach Nachman, the 4th generation owner of this long-time community institution, recognized that Albert’s success over time was based on their ability to adapt to a changing industry.  

Keep in touch with customers through rain, shine or pandemic

“The app was really a game changer for us, being able to communicate with our customers automatically and not having to keep track of every single person’s name and due date. Bravo handles that automatically – very nice during COVID!”

Never going back after Bravo

Convincing longtime customers to use Bravo’s mobile app was a challenge, Zach admits, but once they got a taste of how easy and convenient it was to use, it was an easy sell.  

“There were some growing pains at first—you know people don’t like change—but now they love it. I don’t think they’d ever want to go back. It just makes life a lot easier, especially for making loans.”

Buya gives Albert’s Pawn a competitive edge

Customers are doing more and more of their shopping online, and Bravo helped Albert’s Pawn expand to include an eCommerce model with little effort.

“Buya has been really nice – you can just click a button and it lists your item right on the Internet. We’ve had a ton of sales. When you Google something, Buya is one of the top results – which is very nice, because we don’t have to do anything for that. That’s been a big competitive edge. Having an app is a big competitive edge. None of our competitors have anything close to that.”

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