Why Industry Consultant, Alan Nelson, Recommends Bravo Point of Sale for Pawnbrokers

Alan Nelson is the founder of PawnTrain and a consultant who works with pawn shops across the country. He's often asked which point of sale software he recommends for pawnshops looking to optimize operations and improve performance. His answer is always the same - Bravo Point of Sale.


Read on to learn why Bravo is Alan's preferred point of sale for pawnbrokers and about his favorite features.

"As a pawn shop consultant, I work with many shops implement Bravo as their point of sale software. While there are many options out there, Bravo has proven time and again to be the best choice for growing, successful pawn shops."

My favorite Bravo feature is Reporting Pro. The Point of Sale has a lot of great features for the pawnshop, but Bravo Reporting Pro has advanced analytics and reporting that give shops unparalleled insights into their business. You can view consolidated numbers across multiple locations to identify high and low performing stores. This allows you to optimize operations and strategy.

Another favorite feature of mine is Bravo E4473.

"When the ATF shows up to do an audit, it can be a scary day. But Bravo's digital 4473 and integrated A&D books simplify ATF compliance and audits. Going from paper to digital records reduces stress and liability when the ATF comes knocking. I had a client recently who is using Bravo E4473. When then ATF showed up there were no issues - they were in and out with no concerns."

I tell pawnshop owners to look at Bravo as an investment in their whole business. Bravo pays for itself by enabling efficient operations and boosting revenue. As pawn shops grow, the cost becomes negligible.

"For any shop looking to modernize, expand intelligently, and maximize profits, Bravo is the clear choice. The reporting and compliance features bring pawn management to the next level."


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