About Our Customer

4 Corners Pawn in Clermont, FL and Pawn Bros Jewelry & Gun in Orlando, FL strive to provide the best customer experience possible. Together, they have over 20 years combined pawn industry.

Compete With Large Stores

Sean Akimov of 4 Corners Pawn and Pawn Brothers made the switch from PawnMaster to Bravo a in 2017. He believes that with Bravo’s technology, he can easily compete with the biggest stores around.

"Because of the cloud technology Bravo uses, we can sync our stores now easier and transfer inventory faster. You can scale better with Bravo.”

Sean raves about MobilePawn, emphasizing that he uses it to set himself apart from competition.

“We want to do something different from what other pawn shops do. Our customers are always pleasantly surprised when they learn about MobilePawn because even the biggest pawn shops in town don’t have that.”

Easily Train Employees

Don’t get Sean talking about training. It’s a highlight of Bravo and an area he greatly struggled with on PawnMaster. He is passionate about how easy it is to train employees on Bravo.

“It’s easier for me to train employees, especially new ones. I received very little training while using PawnMaster, and had to learn from other pawnbrokers. With Bravo, the initial training was step-by-step and user-friendly.”

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