Consignment Software by Bravo

Easy to use point of sale consignment software. Everything you need to manage your consignment store. Anywhere. Anytime.

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Consignment just got easier

Consignment Software to Easily Manage Your Business

Run every aspect of your consignment business through one platform. New and used goods, in store and online sales, customer communication, and more.

Increase Profit Margins

Buy, consign and trade at the right price every time. Bravo's built in Hard Goods Estimator gives real-time pricing recommendations based on item condition and uses AI to predict future value of the item.

Attract More Customers

Automated and integrated eCommerce and marketing make it easy to drive awareness of your brand and increase sales. List items automatically and for free on eBay, and even a branded marketplace site we build for you.

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Easy to Learn

Our team of knowledgeable Onboarding Managers, walk you through training when you switch to Bravo consignment software. Built-in tools & on-demand videos make new employees productive in days.

Easy to Use

Bravo’s consignment software is fast, intuitive and easy for your team to use. Automations replace manual admin work so making inventory management and multi-channel selling a breeze.

Outstanding Support

Bravo's consignment software includes on-demand and live support so you're never alone. Get questions answered and issues resolved quickly by our experienced and friendly Support Specialists.  

streamline your pawn business with bravo

"My favorite Bravo feature would be the consignment feature. It helps us as far as booking goes, it’s very convenient. Accounting is normally a nightmare. In Bravo, everything is done in the system. It works out very well for us."

James M.
Manager at Max Pawn

"My company has been using Bravo Systems for 6 years now. We have been very happy with the software, in every aspect from audits, to tracking, or even our Company Branded Website for selling items."

Sam R.
Owner at Sam's Locker
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"It's beautiful to see a product advancing and growing.  Some platforms go years without tangible feature updates."

Martin S.
Owner at Premier Jewellery and Loans
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"Exactly what we needed to operate more efficiently. The usability for my staff is great. The updates they create keep us relevant in a world that is constantly changing."

Lauren G.
VP of Operations at EZ Pawn Corp

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