Bravo Store Systems Releases Powerful Enhancements to Point of Sale for Gun Stores and Pawn Shops

Bravo Store Systems’ newest point of sale product release includes time and money saving optimizations for gun store and pawn shop owners as well as continued enhancements to ensure compliance.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – JUNE 15, 2022 – Bravo Store Systems, the leading provider of point-of-sale platforms, mobile applications, and eCommerce products for the firearm, pawn, and specialty retail industries released its latest product update Monday, June 13. The update went live for all customers overnight and was ready for use as stores opened Tuesday morning.  

"Our latest release is packed with new features and functionality to make our customers' workdays easier and businesses even more successful. Many of the enhancements in this release came directly from customer suggestions, so we’re so excited to finally share them,” said Tally Mack, Bravo CEO. “Bravo has a long-standing history of being first-to-market in the industries we serve, and this release is one more example of our commitment to innovation."

The latest release includes dozens of significant enhancements to Bravo Point of Sale, E4473 and MobilePawn. New functionality and features improve gun transactions, text messaging, reporting, compliance and more.  

Highlights of Bravo’s June 14 Product Release:

  • Automated Multiple Firearms Forms – Bravo & E4473 users now have automated 3310.4 and 3310.12 report forms, so employees don’t need to manually complete the required forms during or after a transaction.
  • Automated Text Messaging for MobilePawn users – Bravo will automatically send courtesy reminder text messages to MobilePawn users when loan and layaway payments are due, as well as prompt non-users to download the app. Automated messages saves time and ensures increased adoption and utilization.
  • Deep-dive Analytics – Bravo Reporting Pro users now have access to two new robust business KPI reports.

Learn More about Bravo’s June 2022 release by reading Bravo’s latest blog, “The Latest and Greatest Bravo Platform Updates” or by watching Bravo's on-demand release webinar.

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