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On-Prem POS Solution

Buy/Sell Plus

Maximize your retail operations with Buy/Sell Plus, an on-premises retail management software solution powered by Bravo Store Systems.

Maximize Your Retail Operations

Designed for retailers dealing in buying and selling merchandise, Buy/Sell Plus provides the tools you need to improve processes, manage inventory effectively, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Powered by Bravo Store Systems

Buy, Sell and More

Buy/Sell Plus is a point-of-sale system that will improve your business by increasing efficiencies and growing your bottom-line. Buy/Sell Plus helps manage your inventory, process transactions, provide prompt customer service, and gives you the reporting tools that you need to make your business even more profitable.

Track Trends and Manage Inventory With Ease

With the click of your mouse, find out what sells best in your shop. Great for stores dealing in vintage and antique items purchased from customers. And easy-to-use barcoding capabilities will help keep your shop organized.

bravo point of sale in action on desktop

Popular Buy/Sell Plus Features

Login/Time Clock

Buy/Sell Plus gives you two ways to login—User ID and Biometrics. With optional Time Clock tracking, you choose what works for you depending on your security level. Reports allow you to track transactions and work hours on a per-employee basis.

Cash Drawers

Designed with flexibility in mind, you’re able to set up your cash drawers to fit your operation. Individual, shared, and main cash drawer options are customizable to fit any business. We also carry industry-standard cash drawers that integrate with the system.


Buy/Sell Plus comes pre-loaded with over 50 reports that have been designed for you to get a handle on every area of your business, from inventory management to employee performance. Custom reports are available for those who want to dig in even deeper.

Inventory Management

Buy/Sell Plus includes a robust inventory management system. Easily view all items in your shop in an itemized list. Choose custom date ranges, pull items by type, and group items via inventory status.

Customer Management

Access in-depth, historic customer information that allows you to quickly track sale and purchase history for every customer. Gather customer demographics to build a targeted marketing database and track how customers hear about your shop.

Employee Profitability

Track employee profitability with reporting that shows exactly how much profit staff members are generating on each transaction. Use reporting features to compare staff against other employees or shop averages.

Choose Your Perfect Solution

Think Buy/Sell Plus is the perfect fit? We’d love to give you a free demo.

Need a solution that supports automated online selling, ATF compliance and text messaging? Let us show you Bravo’s cloud-based point of sale which offers more robust integrations and functionality to help grow your profitability.