Welcome to Bravo.

You’re here because you can think of at least one reason to update your point-of-sale platform—Let us give you six more.

Attract, Retain and Train Employees

Workers have more workplace choices now than ever. Make it a no-brainer—Bravo makes workdays easier and more productive. Empower your staff to make well-informed, data-driven decisions with confidence, and know that we’re here around the clock to support you and your team.

Increase Cash Flow

Capture untapped revenue potential in your stores by getting a clear, birds-eye view of your cash flow. Bravo helps you make heads and tails of your data and tease out new insights to reduce loan forfeiture, increase redemption rate and expedite inventory turnover. Learn how to increase in-store and online sales and maximize return on every sale, purchase and loan.

Reduce Overhead

There’s a software solution for every task–but what if there was just one that could do everything you needed, without the bells and whistles you don’t? Streamline store operations with a fully integrated management solution that collects, stores, reports and analyzes all company, store, customer and channel data in one centralized platform.

Impress Your Customers

Whether it’s in-store, online or through mobile – build customer loyalty and attract new business by providing customers with a seamless and sophisticated omni-channel experience. No matter how they’re choosing to connect to your store, your customers will love Bravo’s modern, easy and hassle-free shopping and payment management experience.

Scale Your Business

Bravo is designed with your growth potential as a given. Our pawn solutions create capacity so you can open more stores and break into new markets. Grow your customer base and market share by attracting new customers, selling through multiple channels, loaning on new categories and providing an even better customer experience.

Protect Your Legacy

You worked hard to get to where you are. We recognize and honor that – which is why Bravo equips your employees with tools that drive customer acquisition and loyalty. Rest easy knowing that Bravo empowers future generations of owners to advance your mission while protecting your unique brand identity.