Why Mobile Matters

The necessity of providing your customers with a mobile experience isn’t debatable.  In 2021, time spent on mobile shopping apps grew to almost 100 billion hours across the world.

Research across all industries and company-sizes has produced a wealth of credible data that can be deduced to - if you’re not focusing on mobile, you’re at risk of becoming irrelevant.  

Why? Because consumers want a mobile experience and will seek out companies who offer it, leaving their competitors in the dust. 88% of consumers have at least one shopping app on their phone, using shopping apps for a better user experience than just the retailer’s mobile website.

How Mobile Helps You

Moving into the mobile space can be a big step, but the benefits are easy to identify. Mobile apps can improve business performance in three major ways.  

Mobile Increases On-time Loan Payments  

According to the National Pawnbrokers Association, the number one reason customers default on loans is simply that they forgot about the loan or the due date!  

Mobile solutions like text messaging and push notifications allow you to schedule and send automatic loan and payment reminders to customers, and a mobile app makes it easy for customers to make payments anytime, anywhere from their phone.    

Imagine a world with no employee time wasted on reminder phone calls or sending ad-hoc messages with payment reminders, and where payments can be accepted around the clock – even when your business is closed.  

Mobile Increases eCommerce Sales

ECommerce continues to rise, fueling the demand for apps that provide an effortless way for consumers to browse, shop, and buy online.

  • Do customers and prospects get consistent text messages promoting your online inventory?
  • Can customers and prospects use an app to browse, shop, and buy your items?
  • Do they have a way to save items on a Wish List in an app so they can easily purchase later?

If the answer to these questions is “no,” you’re more than likely leaving thousands of dollars on the table, or worse, turning it over to competitors who are using mobile to steal your customers.  

Mobile Increases In-Store Traffic  

A common fear among retailers is mobile apps will decrease in-store traffic.  

Consumers want an omnichannel experience, meaning they want the flexibility to interact with retailers through a variety of channels seamlessly (text, email, mobile, in-store, online).    

This doesn’t mean they abandon in-store interactions. It just means they don’t want to be limited to that single channel for every type of engagement.  

The most innovative retailers use text messaging, emails, and push notifications to send shoppers in-store promos and sales.    

Pro tip: Mobile discounts have a 10x higher redemption rate than traditional coupons.  

Use mobile as a way to grab consumers’ attention and give them a good reason to visit your store (and bring a friend).  

If you’re not convinced by Bravo’s proprietary data, consider this: Walmart found that shoppers who downloaded their app, shop in-store 2.5X more frequently than those without it!

Bravo’s Mastering Mobile

Bravos’ 2021 ROI Report compared Bravo customers using our mobile solutions to those who are not.  

Customers with MobilePawn:  

  • Wrote 184% more loans  
  • Garnered 180% more in-store sales  
  • Had 192% more transactions throughout the year

How would it impact your cash flow, interest and revenue if you experienced an uptick in your loans and in-store sales by even 20%?

Brand new to the Bravo product lineup, the Buya App takes the power of MobilePawn and expands to encompass retailers beyond the pawn space. The Buya App allows customers to chat, view account information, make payments and shop at anytime from anywhere and meet the growing consumer demand for convenience and remote accessibility.

Make The Move To Mobile

The appetite for mobile channels from consumers continues to grow and grow rapidly. While the shift toward mobile might feel intimidating, it presents so many notable opportunities for growth for specialty retailers.  

Consumers of specialty retailers have long been underserved as it relates to having access to relevant technology. Bravo makes it easy to tackle the mobile space, differentiate yourself from your from competitors, delight customers and improve employee experience, all while increasing loans, layaways, on-time payment, redemption rates, in-store traffic, and online sales. What’s not to love?