Year after year, Bravo strives to innovate and keep our customers on the cutting edge of industry trends.

One of our favorite ways to objectively show the value of Bravo solutions is through our annual ROI Report. This report measures the the impact that various products have on our customers across the country. Specifically, we do a deep dive analysis of KPIs comparing Bravo customers who use various products versus Bravo customers who don't.

In the blog, we're focusing on the use of MobilePawn specifically, showing the striking difference in several performance metrics across two segments of Bravo customers: those using MobilePawn and those who don't.

Bravo Customers Using Mobile Apps OutPerform Their Peers Who Aren't

MobilePawn makes it easy for consumers to make loan and layaway payments, shop, chat, add items to a wish list and more. The data shows that mobile apps pay for themselves and that consumers have a healthy appetite and high demand for convenience.

Bravo customers using MobilePawn have more loans, sales and loan balance compared to customers who don't use the app.*

Bravo customers using MobilePawn have more layaways and are able to send free payment reminders.*

*Data shown includes companies that: were a Bravo customer for a minimum of 1 year and performed at least 1 MobilePawn transaction. Data compares 600 MobilePawn users to 520 non users.

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About the Author:

Photo of Tally Mack Bravo CEO
Tally Mack | CEO of Bravo Systems

Tally Mack is a fifth-generation pawnbroker and eCommerce enthusiast. She loves traveling, being outside, and working out.

Before taking the reins as CEO, Tally served as Bravo's Vice President of Business Development, leading the company's sales and marketing organization. She's been instrumental in leading and executing many of the company's strategic shifts, including the acquisition of CompuPawn and the recent launch of

Tally earned her Doctorate of Law (J.D.) from DePaul University College of Law in 2013 after attending the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she earned her B.A. in Communication Studies. She also completed the Key Executives Program from Harvard Business School in 2013.

Tally is a pawnshop lover and eCommerce enthusiast—dedicated to the success of both her employees and customers!